Important Facts You Should Know Before Publishing a Book!

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Great Blogs that will Help you Get Started on the self-publishing process!

Girl sitting in bookstore
Girl sitting in bookstore

Self-publishing a book can be quite an intimidating prospect for most writers. What with the work and resources needed to have a book published. There is also the fact that releasing a book has a … Read More

Things to Avoid when Promoting your Self-Published Book!

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Easy to Follow Tips on how to Market your Self-Published Book!

37Being a writer, you would know that it is not a sure-fire way to make money. This is because there is no guarantee that your books will sell. This is especially true if you were a self-published author, where you … Read More

Highly Effective Ways to Profit from your Self-Published Book!

23Being a self-published book you would know that you have advantages that traditionally published authors don’t have. You have the advantage of doing the book publishing process your way and you stand to earn a full percentage for every book … Read More