Promoting A Book Through Hashtag in Twitter

Technology has dominated the world. With people adept to many technological advances and companies constantly, unceasingly producing technological breakthroughs every now and then, where does an aspiring self-published author comes in?

Getting along, keeping in touch, staying ‘in’ with what’s new, being updated – these are what self-published authors should do.

The social media has sported tremendous effects on the face of the world. People, even as they wake up or close their eyes late at night take selfies and post them on many social networking sites. Even the prince of Cambridge took one with a young lady. Twitter, being one of the leading social networking sites worldwide, has likewise played its role in this ‘addicting’ world of the internet.

The good thing is, Twitter does not only provide an avenue for you to express your thoughts or post your pictures; it is likewise one of the best and effective ways of book promotion. In this hi-tech world, even authors have to play in the addictive world of the internet through social media marketing.

If you are a Twitter newbie, you might get yourself confused with the hashtags all over the site. Hashtags in Twitter is a way for people to search tweets that are related to a certain topic. This is a perfect tool for authors as they can post business-related tweets to their accounts to draw in potential customers. With hashtags, people can search an author’s account thereby giving them a wide range of market. Furthermore, it does not only allow authors to identify and relate with customers, it helps them see what best appeals to his/ her potential readers as implied in their tweets.

Aside from these, an author can also check in his/ her competitors’ progress through looking at what’s trending or by looking up their accounts.

Pros the aforementioned things may be, but without proper technique and creativity, one might just lose the opportunity. One must be careful with what he or she tweets. Aside from the well-taken profile picture and contact information, an author should also tweet something with good content and intent. Though you may tweet for book promotion, you should see to it that you are not turning your account into a complete extension of your work place. Share photos, videos, articles, links, and casual experiences. Remember, people tend to get more attracted to those who display a sense of being ‘real people’. That is, people that have real personality.

Your tweets provide you an instant avenue to turn your followers to avid readers and loyal customers. Hashtags give you the luxury of getting your book searched, promoted, distributed and eventually get famous. Who knows, yours will be in the next top spot for what’s trending worldwide? Then, without notice, your book has already been one of the most in-demand books in the industry. Nobody’s keeping you from tweeting.


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