Obscure Words that Will Take your Writing to the Next Level!

11Being a writer is like being a soldier going off to war. Like a soldier you will have to be prepared for the unexpected. You will have to be ready for any circumstance that comes your way and you will have to be well equipped. Like a soldier you will have to have the right weapons and ammunition to succeed in battle. In the case of the writer you will have to have a wide assortment of words to choose from. Whether you write a story or an entire book you will need words that will allow you to fully express yourself. Only then will you be able to take your writing to the next level. Here are some great words that will take your writing to the next level.

  1. Morose

The word morose is defined as the state of being sullen, sulky, gloomy or ill-tempered. It is usually used to define a person or a situation. This word is seldom used in normal conversation or writing because it is considered old-fashioned or less hip. But if you want to add a certain flair and romanticism to your writing then morose will always be a welcome substitute for more common words.


  • The young man was tall, dark and had a morose air about him. The people did not dare to come near him.
  • After being spurned by his lover, the old man morosely took his own life.
  1. Sanguine

Defined as being optimistic or positive in an otherwise hopeless situation, the word sanguine is seldom used in conversations or writing nowadays. Which is a shame because the word does not only sound good but it is also very multifaceted. The word sanguine also has another definition which is closely related to anything red or blood colored. This word is especially perfect for vampire or monster related books because of its close affiliation with blood.


  • She was very sanguine despite the tragedy that surrounded her.
  • As the vampire looked at the girl’s sanguine complexion his hunger grew.
  1. Taciturn

The word taciturn is defined as being reserved in speech and reluctant to join in conversation. The word taciturn has fallen out of use through the years. But despite its lack of use, any seasoned reader will recognize the merits of using it. By using this somewhat obscure word you will show your readers that you have a wide vocabulary and know how to use your words properly and with full effect.

  • He was taciturn during the party despite being the guest of honor.
  • His taciturn nature did not endear him to his fellow salesmen.
  1. Bibliophile

A bibliophile is a person who loves to read books. From a writer’s standpoint the word bibliophile can be used in many ways. The bibliophile can be used not only to describe a person but can also be used as a unique personal trait for a character in a story. You can even write a story centering on a bibliophile and his or her adventures in search of new books. All in all, the word bibliophile is quite versatile and can be used to make your story so much more colorful and whimsical.


  • The young librarian loved books. And being the bibliophile that he was, he stayed in the library every single day.
  • This certain poetry book was a bibliophile’s dream. Any book lover worth his salt would love to add the book into his collection.
  1. Bellicose

The word bellicose is yet another welcome addition to your vocabulary. It is defined as having an aggressive disposition or the willingness to fight. This word is a good substitute for more common descriptive words such as quarrelsome and confrontational. By using the word bellicose in a sentence, you will add a certain flair and the word itself connotes a deeper and more primal emotion in the sentence.


  • The young man’s childlike smile helped soothe the bellicose hearts within the legion.
  • Your bellicose nature will be the end of you!
  1. Saturnine

The word saturnine is defined as being cold and steady in mood or having a gloomy and surly personality. It is a very versatile word and can be used to describe people, places and even situations. A great substitute for more mundane words.


  • The old gentleman had a very saturnine disposition that intimidated the whole household.
  • Despite his saturnine looks he was still well loved by the people.

These words may not be as popular as their more common counterparts. But if you learn to properly use them and infuse them into your writing, rest assured you will ultimately become a more complete writer.


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