Ways to Cultivate a Love for Literature in your Kids!

11Literature has helped shape the collective conscience of humanity for centuries. From the earliest known form of literature such as The Iliad, The Odyssey or Beowulf to the most recent literary works popular today, humanity has always benefited from literature and it has made us more civilized and sensitive of the world around us. Which is why it is always a great idea to introduce your kids to literature at a very young age. That way, they will already be acquainted with good literature and reap the rewards once they reach adulthood. Here are some great ways to cultivate a love for literature in your kids.

  • Teach them to read as early as possible

It always pays to teach your kids to read and write as early as possible. By teaching your kids to read you will give them an edge in school and other activities. You will also open up a whole new world of imagination and creativity to them. At a young age they will be able to enjoy and ultimately cultivate a love for literature.

  • Never treat reading as a chore

If you want to cultivate a love of literature in your child you should never treat reading as a punishment or a chore. If you treat it as thus, they will lose all enthusiasm for it and associate it with feelings of guilt and punishment. Instead you should make reading a prize or a treat. That way they will associate it to more positive memories. It is also a good idea to praise them and encourage them to read as much as possible because this reinforces these positive memories.

  • Read them a bedtime story every night

Bedtime stories are a great way to instill a love of literature in your kids. This is because bedtime stories are not only enjoyable but they also give kids a sense of security and love. This feeling will most likely stay with them for the rest of their lives and instill in them a love for the written word. Whenever they read a book they will think of those bedtime stories. Whenever they write a story they will remember you tucking them in to bed. Whenever they read a children’s book to their own kids, they will remember you and love literature even more.

  • Encourage them to write at a young age

If you truly love literature, you should never limit yourself to just reading books. You should also try your hand in writing. This is a lesson that you should instill in your kids. That way they will find out how difficult the writing process can be. This will instill in them a deep respect for writers and their craft. It will also help them polish up their writing skills. These skills will come in handy if they want to pursue a career as a professional writer.

  • Incorporate reading into your daily routines

One of the best ways to make literature a part of your child’s life is to incorporate reading into your daily routines. That way it will be a constant presence in their lives. They will also associate literature with good memories growing up and look to reading as a source of relaxation from the rigors of daily life.

  • Take them to the library as much as possible

The library is a place beloved by bibliophiles. And if you want your child to develop a love for literature this is the best place to start. Nothing beats going to the library for the very first time and seeing the rows of books all lined up and ready to be read. This is a feeling that you should try to instill in your kids. That way they will always associate the library with this sense of wonder and excitement.

  • Introduce them to the classics at a young age

The classics are called the classics for a reason. It is because they have withstood the test of time and have influenced the perceptions of many writers. So if you want to your kids to have a love for literature you should introduce them to the classics as soon as they can read. The works of Mark Twain, Alexandre Dumas and Sir Walter Scott are great examples because they have an adventurous edge and would get your kid’s attentions quite easily. And once you do get them interested in reading, it is all just a matter of feeding their enthusiasm with even more great classics.


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