Great Tips to Jumpstart the Book Writing Process!

7Writing a book is the most exciting and enriching endeavor you can ever take up as a writer. But even the most enriching activity in the world can get stale if you do it every day. This in truth is a common occurrence for many writers. In the first few days you are full of vim and vigor to write your dream book. But as time passes and as the process continues further, writing slowly becomes a chore. And it dredges further and further until you get writer’s block or stop altogether. Which is why you should find ways to make the writing process more entertaining and fulfilling. Here are some great tips on how to jumpstart the book writing process.

  • Relax and enjoy the process

One of the worst things you can do as a writer is to put unnecessary pressure on yourself to finish your book. True, writing a book is a big deal. But that does not mean that you should kill yourself trying to finish it. If you rush the process you will not only be prone to making mistakes, you will also no longer be able to enjoy the writing process. If you truly want the best results for your book then you should take your time and enjoy the writing process.

  • Take up a hobby

Although being passionate about writing is a good thing it is also important that you have other hobbies. This is because you will sometimes need to express your creativity in other ways. Having other hobbies will also help refresh your mind and allow you to get back to the writing process with a fresh new perspective.

  • Meditate

If you want to get into the writing process with a clear mind then you should try out meditation. This is a method used in most Asian cultures and is a way to help you relax and clear your mind of negative emotions. So before you start on the writing process you should look for a quiet place. It could be your room, the library or any place that you deem satisfactory. Just be sure that it is a quiet and secluded place so that you won’t run the risk of being interrupted. Once there you can begin the meditation process. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Then close your eyes and just breathe evenly. Just relax and set your mind at ease. Just pay attention to your breathing and be at ease. Stay like this for at least 20 minutes. Once you finish your meditation session you will notice that you are calmer, less hurried and more focused. This added patience and introspection will help make the book writing process more pleasurable.

  • Read other books

Many writers refrain from reading other books while writing their own books. This is because they believe that reading other books can distract them from the writing process. But in truth reading other books can help enrich the writing process. By reading other books you will be able to expand your creative horizons and seek inspiration from other books. This of course does not mean that you copy the ideas of other authors. You can still take up writing cues and inspiration from other writers, but always remember to make your work as original as possible.

  • Travel

Nothing beats the monotony of writing a book than travelling. By travelling during the book writing process you will not only enrich the writing process but be able to relax and enjoy yourself. Of course you don’t need to travel too far. Whether you go to Hawaii or just take a train to the next town it does not really matter where you go. What’s important is that you travel and leave the monotony of home life for a while. By travelling and staying in another place for a few days you will be able to get the kinks out of your system.  Traveling will also get your creative juices flowing again.

  • Have a big picture view of the book writing process.

When writing a novel or any other type of book you should have a big picture view on the writing process. Some authors get too caught up in the writing process and totally exhaust themselves in the first month. As a writer you should know that the book writing process will take a great deal of time and effort. And if you don’t know how to pace yourself during the writing process, you will ultimately be unable to finish your book. So before you start on the writing process, you should be mentally prepared. Tell yourself that it will be a hard process and it will take a long time. But it will all be worth it in the end. That way once you do get started you won’t be surprised if you hit a few setbacks along the way. Remember that writing a book is more like a marathon than a sprint. It is the one who last longer that will win the race.


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