5 Essential Things you Need to Publish a Book Successfully!

36Being an author you would of course wish to publish a book of your very own. Be it for profit or legacy publishing a book is a very meaningful undertaking. But it will also be one of the most difficult and time consuming endeavors you could ever take up. And if you are not careful and jump into the publishing process without making the proper preparation you can bleed out all your time and resources without achieving anything. So before you start on the book publishing process you should know what you need to succeed. Here are 5 essential things you need to publish a book successfully.

  1. The right mindset

One of the worst things you can do when publishing a book is to jump into the process without the right mindset. If you think that the publishing process will be a breeze then you are in for a big surprise. Nothing is farther from the truth. Throughout the publishing process you will face a multitude of obstacles ranging from budgeting issues, delays, bad reviews and even worse. And if you don’t have the right mindset you will most likely quit when things don’t go your way. So before you start on the publishing process you should already steel yourself and be ready for a challenge. Put it in your mind that the next year and a half will be a challenge and that you will have to steel yourself against all forms of disappointment. It can be hard to hear the realities of publishing a book but you will have to fight through it if you want to succeed.

  1. Time

If you think you can publish a book within 3 months you are in for a big surprise. It will take so much more time to publish a book. This is because there are so many factors to take stock of. You will have to take stock of the time you will take to finish the manuscript, which could last for 6 months or more. This will include the book editing process and minor tweaking on your part. Next is finding a book publisher which depends if you are taking the self-publishing route or traditional publishing. Either way though it will still take a lot of your time. So if you want to succeed in publishing your book, you will need to allot at least a year or two in order to properly publish your book. But this will also still depend on other factors such as money, availability of a publisher etc.

  1. Means to publish your book

In many ways this is one of the most difficult aspects of the book publishing process. This is because it will take a great deal of planning and time to accomplish. Nowadays there are two good options to choose from. Traditional publishing and self-publishing. With traditional publishing you will have the advantage of having an established publishing house’ support. You will not have to pay for the publishing process and you will have the help of the company which includes the publishing packages, marketing services and other things needed to succeed in the publishing business. The disadvantage though is the fact that you will have to give up a majority of your book rights to your book. And there is also the fact that Traditional publishing houses are notoriously difficult to get a contract with. If you choose to self-publish your book you will have full control of your book rights and royalties in the future. But you will have to shoulder the cost and labor of publishing your book. This of course takes a lot of hard work, time and resources. Each of these options has their pros and cons, and it is up to you weigh them out and choose.

  1. Money

Although money is not really the deciding factor whether you succeed in publishing your book, it is still a very important asset. This is because publishing a book takes a great deal of money. There really is no going around that fact. Money will make the publishing process easier, and the lack of it will make it more difficult. You will need money to pay for the paper you write your manuscript on, you will need money to hire the professional editors who will double check your work. You will also need money in order to send your manuscript to various publishing houses.

And if you choose the self-publishing route you will need money even more because you will have to pay for everything from the book design, the printing process and even the book promotion process, it is all on you. So if you are thinking of publishing a book of your very own, you had better save up. Because it will cost you.

  1. A solid fan base

Having a solid fan base is essential if you want to succeed in the book publishing business. This is because your fan base is your potential market once you release your book. So before you even think of publishing you should already have a solid fan base ready. In truth your fan base does not really need to be a big one. All that matters is that you have one when you release your book. Because they will be the foundation point of your book sales, and they will be the ones who will spread word of your book. Luckily, you can form your fan base before you even release your book. One highly effective way is to create your own author platform and show off your work from there. You can post articles, essays, Tips and Top ten list just to name a few. If you can garner the interest and support of your readers, then you will surely be able to count on them once you release your book.

Ultimately publishing a book is a truly grueling experience and there is really no definite guarantee that you will succeed. It is only by your own skills and determination that you can tip the odds in your favor.


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