6 Great Reasons why you should have your very Own Book Blog!

34When it comes to book promotion you will need to pull out all the stops in order to succeed. This is because the book marketing industry is a highly competitive landscape, and you will need to be able to cover all the bases. One of the best options is to create your very own book blog. Having a book blog of your very own will open doors for you in the publishing industry. It will also enable you to enhance your sphere of influence exponentially. Here are 6 great reasons why you should have your very own book blog.

  • It is very affordable

Compared to other forms of book promotion book blogs are so much more affordable. Traditional book promotion which includes radio shows and TV advertising can cost thousands of dollars. Especially if they are shown internationally. And seeing as the landscape of media is slowly changing there is no guarantee that your book promotion will succeed with these forms of media. But with a book blog you are given the chance to expand your range of influence at a very affordable price. It will take you around 15 dollars to buy a domain name for your blog. And this will already last you for the whole year until you need to renew it. As for the web hosting, it can cost you around 10 dollars a month, depending on the web hosting company you sign up with. Aside from these necessary costs though, your expenses are at a minimum especially if you design the site yourself and provide your own content. All in all, a book blog is a cost effective way to get your book the promotion it needs to succeed.

  • It is highly versatile

Whether you are self-publishing your book or working with a traditional publishing house, a book blog is still an incredibly versatile way to promote your book. A book blog is like a base of operations that you can implement your book marketing strategy from. It is also like a blank canvas that will allow you to tweak the designs and features according to your own wishes. A book blog is not limited to just one function. It is a multifaceted platform that you can use to attract fans, create meaningful relationships with other writers and market your book. This versatility will truly help ensure your book’s success in the long run.

  • It can be used as a spring board for your writing career

Aside from helping you sell your book, your book blog is also extremely effective when it comes enhancing your reputation as a writer. Although having a book will help start your career, having a book blog will enhance it even more. Through your blog you can show off your work, such as articles on relevant topics related to your genre. You can also give tips on writing or anything that is associated to your genre. Through your blog you will be given a great deal of discoverability. This will give you the ability to reach out to fans more effectively and ultimately enhance your reputation in the literary world.

  • It is a great way to share your views and opinions

Aside from selling your book and enhancing your career as a writer a blog site has another great use. It gives you the chance to share your views and opinions to the world. Through your blog you can voice out what you feel on a current issue, event or topic. That way you can share your knowledge with the rest of the world. Just make sure that your views are written tastefully and does not target anyone or any group of people. Remember that you are always free to write about your opinions in your blog, but it is never ok to use your blog to antagonize anyone. Your blog is meant to illuminate and educate not to alienate and aggravate.

  • It helps you improve as a writer

If you want your book blog to thrive you will need to update and add more articles every few days. This will mean a lot of writing. And because of this, your writing skills will improve a great deal. Your grammar will improve and in order to write more interesting articles you will most likely expand your vocabulary. Ultimately by having a book blog you will become a more complete writer.

  • It will open new opportunities for you

Book blogs are multifaceted promotional tools, and because of this new opportunities will be open for you as you go on. Through your book blog you are not only given the chance to market your book, but you are also given the chance to market yourself as a writer. The more popular your book blog becomes the bigger your fan base will be. The better your articles become, the more publications and fellow writers will notice you. As you write and devote more time into your blog your level of influence will also increase and allow you to reach new heights in the literary world.


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