Things to Know When Publishing a Book of Your Very Own!

46Publishing a book is one of the worthiest endeavors you can ever have. By publishing a book you are ensuring your legacy as a writer and open new possibilities of earning money. And yet it is also one of the most difficult and costly of endeavors. This is because publishing a book takes a great deal of time and resources. So before you think of getting into the publishing business you should know what you are getting into. Here are some facts to know when publishing a book of your very own.

  1. Know your target market

One of the most important things you should figure out even before writing your book is your target market. Your target market is your potential fan base and will be your main source of book sales in the future. When choosing a target market you should take your book’s genre into consideration. That way you can match your book to the demographic that is most susceptible to your book. You can also create a book marketing strategy based on your target market. All in all having a set target market will make the book marketing so much easier in the future.

  1. It will take a long time

Publishing a book takes a notoriously long time to do. This is because the process is very work intensive and has many stages. The earlier stage being the writing process that will take months and even years to complete. This will also include a great deal of editing on your part. After that you will have to find a way to have your book published. And whether you choose to have your book traditionally published or self-published, the process will still take a great deal of time and effort. So if you want to fulfill your dream of publishing a book of your very own, you will need a lot of patience.

  1. You should conduct your book marketing as early as possible

When it comes to publishing a book you will always need to be on top of your game. Because there are so many variables that may lead you to fail. Variables such as releasing the book at the wrong time and not having a fan base. So you should conduct your book marketing as early as possible. That way once you do release your book, you will already have a fan base waiting for your book. Here are some great book marketing tips.

  • Conduct a social media book marketing campaign. Use Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread word of your book and to create a buzz. That way when you release it, you will already have a fan base waiting for your book.
  • Contribute articles to online publications related to your chosen genre. By consistently contributing articles you can create a fan base for yourself and create a good marketing platform for your book.
  • Take part in online forums.
  • Create a rapport with fellow authors and enhance your reputation as a writer.
  1. Choose the right publishing option for you

As it was stated earlier having your book published is a very difficult process, mostly because it takes a great deal of effort and resources. But despite that there are still a number of book publishing options that you can take. The two most viable options being Traditional publishing and Self-publishing.

If you opt for Traditional publishing then the publishing process is far easier and cheaper.  This is because the publishing company will take care of the expenses and the more complicated aspects of your book. The only downside here is that it is very difficult to get a publishing deal and that you will lose a majority of your book rights to the company. If you opt for Self-publishing you will be able to publish your book according to your own schedule. You will also be able to keep a majority of your rights and have full creative control over your book. The only setback with this publishing option is that you will have to do most of the work and pay for the overall publishing process. All in all each option has pros and cons, it’s all up to you to decide which one is more effective.

  1. Have a good author platform

Having a good author platform is a necessity if you want to conduct a good book marketing campaign. This is because your author platform is technically your base of operations. It is somewhere you can conduct your book marketing campaign from and also keep in touch with your fan base. In this internet dependent world the best author platform would be a website or blog site. Through your author platform you can create a fan base and enhance your reputation as a writer even further. You can also post examples of your book to show readers the quality of your work.

All in all, the publishing process is a truly difficult process, and each step you take the more obstacles you will face. But if you truly wish to be a published author you must be able to power through it and get the job done.


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