Great Tips on How to Effectively Blog About your Book!


Blogs are incredibly popular in today’s internet dependent world. This is because blogs are highly visible and can be used to advertise various products and services. This is why many well-known companies are hiring famous bloggers to use and advertise their products. And if you are an author trying to figure out how to promote your book, then blogging is for you. By creating your very own blog site you are technically making a book promotion platform from where you can pull off your book marketing strategies. Here are great tips on how to effectively blog about your book.

  • Recognize your target market

Before you think of setting up your blog site you should be able to recognize your target market. That way you will be able to pattern your blog design and content according to their taste. Luckily it is quite easy to recognize your target market. All you have to do is match your target market according to your chosen genre. For example you are releasing a high fantasy novel. Thus you should design your author blog in a way that high fantasy enthusiast will be attracted to your blog and ultimately increase your book’s chances of being sold.

  • Make your blog as attractive as possible

Your blog design should attract fans the same way a book cover attracts potential readers. By making your author blog as attractive as possible you are increasing your book’s chances of getting sold. Because the more fans your blog has, the more chances your book will be sold. When designing your blog it is always a good idea to have a more minimalistic approach. Blogs tend to look classier and inviting if looks clean and spare. Try to avoid overcrowding your blog with images because it will look dirty and unappealing. It is also advisable to avoid loud colors and stick to more neutral colors such as white and grey because it makes everything look more elegant.

  • Make sure your blog is highly functional

If you are making an author blog you should make sure that it is as functional as possible. This is because nothing annoys people more than a hard to use blog. So if you want to make a good author blog, then make it as easy to use as possible.  Make sure that your pages load properly and your images are clear and attractive. The blog’s icons and buttons should also be obvious and easy to understand. As for your content, make sure that it is up to date and engaging. By making sure that your blog is as highly functional as possible you are showing your potential fan base that you are professional and deserving of their following.

  • Show off your work

Your blog can be the classiest and easy to use blog in the world. But if your content is subpar you still won’t get a good fan base. What readers look for in a blog is not the page designs. What they are looking for is the content. They want great content that will entertain and educate them. In many ways this is a perfect time for you to show off your book. Post excerpts of your book through your blog. This is a surefire way to show potential fans what your book is all about. It is also an effective way to show people your skills as a writer. You can also post other articles you have written in the past. This will allow you to show off your body of work and convince potential fans to follow you.

  • Work with other bloggers

Blogging is a highly effective book promotion tool but there will be times where your promotion range can get limited. This is why it is advisable that you reach out to fellow bloggers. But you will have to be very strategic about this. Reach out to bloggers that will help you enhance your range of influence. For example, you wrote a historical adventure novel on the American Civil War. So it is a good idea to reach out to bloggers who are interested in the American Civil War. And seeing as this involves war and weaponry, you can also contact bloggers who specialize in writing about war and weapons in every era. Contact them and send them a copy of your book. Ask for their help in spreading word of your book. You can also offer your services and write articles for their blogs. That way you can establish a rapport with the blogging community.

  • Make your blog into an effective book marketing platform

The best thing about a blog is its versatility. It can be likened to a base of operations from which you can implement your book marketing strategies. You can technically do anything through your author blog. You can write about a myriad of topics such as self-publishing tips or write on current events. You can also use it as a book marketing platform where you can release, promote and sell your books. You can also conduct a very budget friendly book tour through your blog site and reach as many readers as possible. The best thing about promoting through your blog is that it is relatively cheap and easy to do.


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