The Best Blogs to Check Out When You’re Self-Publishing a Book!

43Being a self-publishing author you would know how difficult the whole process could be. Not only will you be expected to pay for the whole self-publishing process yourself, but you will also have to handle every aspect of it with minimal help from other people. This will include the book writing process with all the corrections and editing involved. You will also be expected to do most of the book marketing and the success or failure of your book sales will rely mostly on you and your book marketing strategy. Which is why you should get as much help as possible. Here are the best blogs to check out when you’re self-publishing a book.

  1. Anne R. Allen’s Blog…with Ruth Harris

The blog’s founders Anne R. Allen and Ruth Harris created their blog for one worthy purpose. Which is to help fellow writers achieve their writing dreams. Using years of writing experience wherein they have faced challenges of every form, the blog’s founders have created a handy and informative blog that shows authors all that they need to know about the writing and book publishing process. But the blog is not only limited to book publishing, because readers can also get advice on other aspects of writing such as writing articles and content for blogs and other great tips.

  1. The Passive Voice

Despite having a background in Law and Tech blog founder David P. Vandagriff has a great passion for writing. And he is a truly skilled writer and gives readers a lawyer’s outlook on the writing process. The blog contains a bevy of well-written articles that cover a myriad of topics ranging from self-publishing, traditional publishing, book marketing etc. The best thing about this blog is that you can always count on the content being up to date because new content is being added very frequently.

  1. Writer Unboxed

The Writer Unboxed blog was first created by aspiring novelists Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton. Originally created to be a forum where they could publish their own observations anytime they wished. Now years later the blog has grown and has become a blog site for passionate contributors and has become a thriving online community from all walks of life. The content in Writer Unboxed is curated from a bevy of skilled writers who give their own unique perception on the book publishing process.

  1. Author Marketing Experts

The Author Marketing Experts blog was founded by Penny Sansevieri and is one of the best blogs to learn the art of book marketing.  It features a myriad of articles on book marketing and the many challenges faced by authors in this day and age. The best thing about this blog is the fact that the content is very up to date and shows authors how to keep with the times and adapt to the many changes in the book market.

  1. Goins Writer

The Goins Writer blog was created by Jeff Goins who is a highly skilled and veteran writer. The blog primarily gives advice on how to write professionally and succeed in the world of literature. Due to his years of experience, Jeff Goins knows full well how difficult being a professional writer is. Which is why he has written this multifaceted blog that will help you find the motivation to write your best work ever.

  1. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn was founded by author Joanna Penn, and is one of the best writing resources out there. Seeing as that Joanna Penn is a well-respected and award winning author her articles are pure gold and comes from years of hard work and experience. Even better is the fact that she started out as an indie writer. Which means that her book writing and book marketing strategies are extremely effective.

With these blogs you can now start your self-publishing journey with the best advice and mindset. Remember though that your greatest asset is your own determination to get the job done. Only through your own hard work and perseverance can you succeed as a self-published author.


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