Important Facts You Should Know Before Publishing a Book!

42Being a writer you would have dreams of publishing your very own book. Especially if you have had years of practice and have written a vast collection of private work. You have written in forums and publications and even have your own blog that showcases all your work. In many ways you are very much ready to publish your very own book. But before you venture forth and take up this endeavor you should know what you are getting yourself into. You should know that there is more to publishing a book other than just the writing process. You should expect to work harder than you have ever worked before. But you should also know that once you do finish publishing your book it will be the best feeling in the world. Here are some important facts you should know before publishing a book!

  • It is going to be a lot of work

Publishing a book is never an easy job. This is because there are so many aspects of the book publishing process you will have to take care of. During the book writing process you will be expected to write a great deal, and this will most likely last for months. During the writing process you will be challenged and your mettle as a writer will be tested. And once you do finish writing your manuscript the real work begins. This is because finding the means to publish your book is difficult. Whether you go with the traditional route or self-publishing route both options will still take a great deal of time and resources.

If you take the traditional publishing route expect to be rejected a lot of times. This is because traditional publishers are notoriously difficult to impress and each publishing house has very high standards. So expect to redo your manuscript a lot of times before you get accepted. But once you do get accepted then the publishing expenses will be covered by the publishing house, but you will be expected to give up a majority of book rights once you get signed up.

If you take the Self-publishing route you will be given a great deal more freedom and have full rights to your book. But seeing as you are not signed with a publishing house, expect to do all the work and cover the expenses of publishing a book. All in all, whichever option you choose always expect a lot of work involved.

  • You will need an effective author platform

An author platform is like a base of operations that you can conduct your book marketing strategy from. And in this internet dependent world it is a good idea to have a website or blog site that you can reach out to fans from. From your author platform you can do a myriad of things to help increase your reputation as a writer and set the foundation point from where you can sell your book. You can also customize your book to be able to draw in potential fans. You can also post articles on your blog to show fans the quality of your work.

  • You will need a solid fan base!

Before you even think of releasing a book, it is always a good idea to create a solid fan base. By having a solid fan base you are technically making a market for your book long before you release it. You can do this in a variety of ways. One great way is to make great content for your blog. By writing great content for your blog you are showing readers that you are worth following. You can also reach out to potential fans through your blog site. Yet another way to create a solid fan base is to forge friendships with fellow authors. Being friends with fellow authors will not only expand your influence as a writer, but you can also get much needed book marketing advice from more experienced authors.

  • Know that there is no guarantee that your book will sell

Before you release your book, you should remember one very important thing. There is no guarantee that your book will sell. This is not meant to dissuade you from publishing your book of course. This is just so you won’t get discouraged if your book does not do well. Remember that this is your first book. So you should have a more realistic outlook on the outcome. What matters is what you get from the whole experience. If your book does well, then all is good and you can capitalize on your success. If it does not do well, then take it as a learning experience and continue with your journey as a writer.

Overall, publishing a book does take a lot of time and effort. But it is also important that you enjoy the experience and be proud of your accomplishment. Because after all success or not, It’s not every day that you can publish a book of your very own.


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