Great Blogs that will Help you Get Started on the self-publishing process!

Girl sitting in bookstore
Girl sitting in bookstore

Self-publishing a book can be quite an intimidating prospect for most writers. What with the work and resources needed to have a book published. There is also the fact that releasing a book has a great deal of risk involved. But the self-publishing process does not really need to be as difficult as you would expect it to be. In truth with a well-organized plan and the right advice the self-publishing process will become so much easier. Luckily there are countless blogs out there that you can turn to for advice. Here are some great blogs that will help you get started on the self-publishing process.

  • Goins Writer

Being a full time writer takes a great deal of thought and planning. This is because being a full time writer means that all your efforts and resources will be focused solely on writing. Which is why the Goins Writer blog is a great blog to read if you want to find ways to write professionally. The blog’s founder Jeff Goins has practically made an art form on advising aspiring writers how to get their books published and achieving their full potential as authors. So if you want to learn how to effectively and efficiently publish your book, Goins Writer is a great place to start.

  • BookBub’s Insight

BookBub’s Insight is a great blog that offers you a vast collection of self-publishing articles. The articles are curated from various authors and writers who want to give tips their on how to succeed in the self-publishing industry. These articles are all multi-faceted and covers various aspects of the self-publishing process. From the early stages of writing the manuscript to the book marketing process, BookBub’s Insight gives a truly insightful look into the self-publishing process.

  • Z Books

If you want to make your very own eBook with the least amount of difficulty then Z Books is the blog for you. This highly specialized blog posts a variety of articles that covers various aspects of the self-publishing process. Through this highly versatile self-publishing blog you can learn all you need about self-publishing an eBook and other aspects of the self-publishing process.

  • The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn was created by professional author Joanna Penn. She has had decades of experience as a writer and has written a myriad of articles on self-publishing and writing in general. Her articles are mainly based on her experiences as a writer and how she was able to succeed in a very competitive landscape. The Creative Penn also uses a number of videos and podcasts to help fellow authors in improving their craft.

  • The Book Designer

The Book Designer was created by blogger Joel Friedlander and takes a more technical look into the publishing business. Joel Friedlander uses years of experience in almost every aspect of the publishing business to help independent writers publish their books effectively and efficiently. The blog takes a more multi-faceted look into the self-publishing process which includes lessons on cover design, marketing and other more technical aspects of the self-publishing process. Overall The Book Designer definitely covers all the bases.


The MICHAEL HYATT blog is a truly multifaceted blog because it caters to both traditionally and self-published authors. The blog was created by Michael Hyatt who was a former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Due to Michael Hyatt’s Christian background the writing has a more friendly tone and many articles are also geared towards self-improvement. But make no mistake, the articles on publishing are all well written and are worth reading.

All these blogs have a different approach to the self-publishing process. Hopefully they will all come in useful as you delve further into the self-publishing process.



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