Fears youFears you Encounter in the Writing Process and How to Face Them! Encounter in the Writing Process and How to Face Them!

32Being a writer is a truly hard vocation. There will be times where your faith in your skills will be tested and unexpected fears will come up. This is because writing compels you to go out and show your work to the rest of the world. This will put you in a very vulnerable position where you will either get praised or criticized for your work. But such is the lot of all authors, their work will be scrutinized and they will be faced with fears of not being good enough. It is all up to you and how you will face these fears. Here are some great tips on how to recognize and face your fears as a writer.

  • Comparing yourself with other writers

This is a very common fear that plaques many a writer. And it can come up at any time. You can be enjoying a very productive writing session when out of nowhere a crippling fear hits you. You look at your work and find it wanting. It even gets worse when you read another writer’s work and you feel that your sentence composition is subpar and your characters seem bland. It ultimately derails your train of thought and you can’t seem to concentrate.

How to face it: You can face this fear by changing your mindset on the whole writing process. You have to understand that you have contemporaries who write differently and some of them have achieved success ahead of you. But that does not mean that you yourself will not achieve your own success. Instead of comparing yourself with other writers, you should take a leaf from their book. Figure out how they managed to achieve their success, find out how they write so well, use them as role models in attaining your own success.

  • Loss of inspiration

During the writing process, there will be times that you lose the motivation to write. There will be times that you will think that the writing process is a futile gesture and you will have second thoughts. A loss of inspiration is a common fear for many authors. This is because inspiration is what fuels writers to create their best works, and without inspiration writers tend to lose their interest as a whole.

How to face it: Loss of inspiration is a harsh blow to any writer. But it need not be the end of your career as a writer. You can lose your inspiration, but you can also get it back. Inspiration can be found in a myriad of things that range from travel, things, new experiences or even an old memory. The tricky part about finding inspiration is that there are no concrete signs of what it is. It is intangible and very elusive. But the best way you can find inspiration is to open yourself up to more experiences. Get out of the house, travel and meet new people. This will give you a whole new take on the writing process and help you regain your passion for the written word.

  • Difficulty in getting your book published

This is a common fear for writers. This is because it is quite difficult to get a publisher. Especially the high profile traditional publishers that have very high standards and specifications for their books. And many a writer has given up on their book publishing dreams because of being rejected by the publishers they want.

How to face it: The best thing about the publishing industry nowadays is the fact that it is so much easier and cheaper to publish a book. A few decades ago, there was no other way to publish a book other than to sign up with a publisher. No matter how disadvantageous the contract may be. But nowadays it is so much easier to self-publish your book. There are now a multitude of self-publishing options such as print on demand services and cheap book promotion techniques that will truly make your book publishing dream a reality.

  • Fear of not being good enough

Writers can be quite insecure. This is because they feel pressured to offer readers their best work every time and fear that they are not good enough to do the job. This feeling of insecurity can be further aggravated by negative reviews. And if this fear is not faced early on, it can grow worse to the extent that the writer loses the passion to write.

How to face it: As stated earlier all writers suffer insecurity. Even the most talented authors have moments of doubt and wonder if being a writer is really for them. But what separates mediocre writers with truly great ones is what they do in times of doubt. If you truly want to be a truly great writer, then you will have to buckle up, take the hit and go forward. You get a bad review? Write another book. Have a hard time getting a publisher? Publish the book yourself. Can’t seem to get motivated? Find ways to motivate yourself. Ultimately, what you do during such times will be the deciding factor whether you succeed or not.

  • Fear of the uncertain future

Being a writer you know firsthand how uncertain a book release can be. Your book release can be a success or a failure and it all depends on the quality of your book. And a lot of other things can go wrong once you release your book.  This pressure can be very daunting to most writers and it can even affect the book writing process.

How to face it: Any worthy endeavor always has an element of risk involved. The same goes when publishing a book of your very own. A lot of things will go wrong and there is a chance that your book will not do so well. But this should not dissuade you from doing your best. Whether you are writing a book or just writing a story for your blog, you should already have a persevering attitude towards the writing process. You should know that being a writer is not an easy path, and that it has its fair share of obstacles. But if you are truly passionate about being a writer, then all these burdens will be light and easy to bear.


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