Ways to Select the Best Topic for Your Book!

35If you are thinking of writing a book you should know that it will take a great deal of work. But before you get started on the writing process, you should decide on the most important aspect of the book writing process. Which is the selection of a topic to write about. This is important because it will shape what your book will be about and whether or not it will be a success. Which is why you should choose your book topic wisely. Here are some ways to select the best topic for your book.

  • Pick a topic you are interested in

Although this may seem obvious from the start there are times when an author chooses to write about a topic that is popular, even though the author has no real interest in the subject. No good would of course come from this, because the author would most likely get bored in the middle of the writing process and stop. This is why, before you even think of writing your book you should already have a topic that you are whole heartedly interested in. That way you will save yourself from wasting time and valuable resources on a futile book writing attempt.

  • Choose a topic that you are knowledgeable of

It is imperative that you choose a topic that you have intimate knowledge of. This is because you will be writing chapters and chapters on the topic. True, you can do research on certain aspects of the subject, but if you lack vital knowledge or cannot expound more thoroughly on the subject, then your book will seem spare and lack any conviction to convince readers to the importance of your writing. Which is why, when choosing your topic, make sure that you know what you are writing about and not just grasping at straws.

  • Don’t follow trends

Trends are everywhere, whether it is fashion or in literature. This is because they are considered novelties and usually get people’s attentions. But the problem with trends is that they don’t stay for too long. They last for a month or so and then fade off to be replaced by the next fad. Which is why, if you are looking for a topic, you should never follow trends. Write about what you want and make your reputation as writer based on the quality of your work. That way even if the trends change, your work will still have a thriving fan base.

  • Look for sources of inspiration

Inspiration can be found practically anywhere, all you need to do is look for it. Inspiration can be found when you look to the stars or spend time with a loved one. It can be found in old memories and events. And it is what propels men and women all over the world to do great things. It is also what will help you in your search for a topic to write about. And it is also what will sustain you through the hardships of the book writing process. So you should always make sure that you stay inspired throughout the entire writing process.

  • Get influence from other authors, but never copy their ideas

When writing a novel or any type of book it is always a good idea to have a favorite author. It will help you to form your own ideas and come up with a topic that you will truly care about. But it is very important that you never ever copy their work. Not only is it against the law, but it will also earn you the ire of the author’s fan base. This will alienate you from this fan base and also prevent you from making a fan base of your own. So when picking a topic to write about, be as original as possible. It will save you a world of trouble.

  • Set your priorities straight

When looking for a topic to write about you should have your priorities straight. Ask yourself these questions. Why do I want to write about this topic? Who am I writing this book for? How much am I willing to give to the writing process? Is it all worth it? By asking and answering these questions you are setting your priorities straight and making sure that you are fully into the writing process.


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