Highly Effective Ways to Write about Difficult Topics!

26Being a writer you would have to write about certain topics that you would find difficult to write. For example, you are a newspaper journalist and you are to write about a gruesome murder. The murder would include lurid details that would test your gag reflex. The same can be said for certain topics that you do not really agree with, such as certain philosophies or opinions. And to write about them would sorely test your ability to write without bias. All in all, being able to write about difficult topics takes a certain degree of self-control and training. Which is why you will need a more systematic outlook on the entire writing process. Here are some highly effective ways to write about difficult topics.

  • Be emotionally detached during the writing process

Although it is said that writing takes emotions to do properly, sometimes you will need to be able to detach yourself emotionally from the writing process. Especially if what you are writing about has something that would disturb or annoy you. For example, you are tasked to write about child murders. These murders would of course be very gruesome to write about and would usually disturb any decent person who writes about it. Which is why you should be as emotionally detached as possible when writing about such subjects. That way you will be able to write efficiently without being affected by the lurid details. It will also prevent you from being emotional and not write too opinionatedly about the subject.

  • Stick with the facts

This advice is very useful if you are writing about something that you don’t like or agree with. For example, you are to write a story on a bus accident. Many lives were lost in the accident, and the whole thing is quite upsetting. You yourself don’t have any need to write about it, because such things depress you. But because it is your job, you will need to do it. This is where sticking with the facts comes in handy. By sticking to the facts you don’t have to give your own opinion on the subject. By just sticking with the facts you are informing your readers without having to invest too much thought on the whole tragedy.

  • Be sensitive to your reader’s feelings

Although it was stated earlier that you be emotionally detached when writing about difficult topics, it is still very important that you be sensitive to your audiences’ feelings. This is because difficult topics are usually very sensitive and many people can get very emotional about them. For example, you are covering a story about the murder of a young woman. Although you should inform the public of the murder, you should first check yourself from sharing too much of the gruesome details with readers, because the facts may cause unnecessary stress to readers especially to the woman’s bereaved family. All in all whether you are writing a novel with a particularly touchy subject or a newspaper piece on a murder, you should try to be as empathetic with your readers as much as possible.

  • Give the writing process a hundred percent

Writing about a tough topic will always strain your skills as a writer. This is why some writers, just write for the sake of writing something. And not really make an effort to give the whole writing process a hundred percent. But phoning it in won’t help you become a great writer, and it will be an insult to all your readers. So whenever you are faced with a tough topic, you should always remember that you are not just writing for yourself. You are in truth writing for your readers. The people who took the time out of their day to read your work, with the belief that they will be getting your best. By giving a hundred percent to the writing process despite the tough subject, you are showing your true mettle as a writer.


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