How You Can Do Your Part as a Writer and Change the World for the Better!

31It always pays to be a romantic if you are a writer. This is because being a romantic allows you to dream and to strive for something greater and nobler than yourself. One such romantic notion that is worth getting into is the dream of changing the world through your writing. Have you ever dreamed of being such a writer? That through your writing skills alone you were able to make a significant change in the world. Of course this is not so easily done, and many a writer can attest to the uphill battle that you will face. But make no mistake, you can make the world a better place through your writing. You just need the right mindset and strategy for it. Here are great ways that you can change the world as a writer.

  1. Create something beautiful

Have you ever listened to a song so beautiful and perfect that you can’t help but stop what you are doing and listen? Have you ever looked at a painting and felt something profoundly moving about it? This is the effect that art has on people. In many ways art is a representation of everything noble and beautiful in humanity. And writing is one such art. Through your writing you have the potential to create something truly beautiful. Through your writing you can instill profound emotions in your readers and compel them to be better people. As a writer you owe it to your readers to make great work.

  1. Compel readers to do great things

Whether you write a story or an entire self-help book, you still have the potential to compel your readers to do great things. As a writer you have the ability to make people strive for great things and improve upon themselves. One great example is writing self-help books. By writing self-help books you are galvanizing people to be better versions of themselves. Thus by your influence you are technically making your readers better people as a whole. Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to just self-help books. Whether you are writing a novel or self-help book, you will still have a chance to make the world a truly better place.

  1. Share your knowledge with the world

Imagine a world where great minds such as Einstein, Curie and Newton were unable to make their scientific findings known. It truly would be a very different world, and humanity will be a years behind on scientific innovations. As a writer, you have something to share with the world. And you don’t have to be a world famous scientist or a great innovator in order to make your mark on the world. All you need is the willingness to share what you know with the world, whether it is a new philosophy or just a short story. You will be surprised at how your thoughts and perceptions can affect the world as a whole.

  1. Shed light upon injustices

The written word is one of humanity’s bulwark against ignorance and apathy. This is because writing allows us to shed light on atrocities being committed all over the world. Have you ever noticed the public outcry whenever there is news of injustices being committed? Even if the act was being committed halfway across the world, many people are still affected by the news and will do their very best to combat these evils. As a writer, you also have the ability to galvanize people to do the right thing. Whether you are a blogger, a newspaper journalist or just a student, writing still gives you the chance to speak out against injustice.

  1. Inspire the next generation of writers

One of the greatest things you can do as a writer is to inspire a whole new generation of writers. This is because it is a sign that your work is good enough to be considered relevant, many years after your death. Take for example Alexandre Dumas. He was born more than a hundred years ago and was considered one of the greatest novelists of his time. His works were so profound and long lasting that they were able to fascinate a whole new generation of authors, who in turn were able to inspire another generation of writers. If you think about it, your legacy as an author is not based on how much money you make or how many books you were able to sell. A truly great writer’s legacy is how his work was able to affect the  hearts and minds of his readers.


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