Ways to Enhance your Love for the Written Word!

28Being a writer is one of the most sublime and enriching experiences you can ever have. This is because writing opens you to a whole new perception on the world and allows you to create whole worlds using just your imagination. Sadly though it is just as easy to lose your passion for the written word if you are not careful. This is especially true if you are writing a book and you get a bad review or a harsh critique from someone you respect. This is why you should have a bulwark against these insecurities. Here are some highly effective ways to enhance your love for the written word.

  • Read extensively

If you want to enhance your passion for writing you will have to read a great deal. By reading as extensively as possible you are enriching not only your vocabulary but also soaking in as much good literature as possible. Reading extensively means that you do not constrain yourself to just one genre but instead read as many genres as possible. That way you won’t be limited to a single genre and be as versatile a writer as possible. For example, you are writing a novel in the historical fiction genre and you want to make your work as unique as possible. So you infuse aspects of fantasy into your story. If you read extensively on the fantasy genre then infusing elements of the genre into your novel will be so much easier and more authentic. By reading more you will enrich your life as a writer tenfold.

  • Enjoy the writing process

One of the worst things that an author can do is to look at writing as just a way to get paid. Having this mindset will not only lower the quality of your work but also slowly make you disenchanted with writing. This is because being a writer takes a great deal of work and time and if you are not fully into the process, your work will ultimately suffer. So if you want to survive as a writer and do great things in the art form then you should enjoy the writing process and not think of it as a way to make money.

  • Write through various forms

One of the biggest misconceptions people have on the writing process is that it can only be done through book form. But in truth many writers can make their names through other forms. As a writer you don’t need to limit yourself to the book format. Instead you can try your hand in other forms such as blogs and online forums.  By writing through your own blog, you are not only breaking away from preconceived notions but also spreading your wings as a writer. By writing through your blog, you will not only increase your reputation as a writer but also expand your influence as a writer. Writing through your blog also allows you the freedom to personalize your work. This makes the writing process more enjoyable and intimate. The same can be said if you write in forums because you are actively influencing the opinions of other people through your writing. You can also write in more traditional forms such as magazines and newspapers or more modern forms such as online publications. All in all, it always pays to write in other forms of writing, because it makes the writing process so much more fun and exciting.

  • Have high standards for your work

Complacency is one of the many traps that a writer faces every day. This is because a writer has to strive to be the best. But if you are complacent in your writing, then your work will come out either mediocre or subpar. So whether you just write a story or a whole book, you will need to set high standards for yourself.

  • Set your goals high

As it was stated earlier you should set high standards for yourself. This means that you should set long term goals for yourself. What do you really want to do as a writer? Do you want to be a great writer? Do you want to sell a lot of books? Do you want to create a legacy for yourself? Before you set out on being a writer you should make things clear. You should also accustom yourself to the fact that writing can be a hard path. That way you won’t be shocked when the going gets rough. Remember that nothing of worth can be achieved without a challenge.

  • Look upon the writing process as an adventure

Even the most enjoyable activity can become boring if viewed from the wrong point of view. Which is why you should look upon the writing process as an adventure. That way should you come face to face with a challenge, you can always look upon it as nothing more than an obstacle.  By having an adventurous outlook on the writing process, you are preparing yourself mentally to face the many rigors of a writer’s life.


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