6 Ways Writing can Change your Life for the Better!

27Being a writer takes a great deal of time and commitment and not everyone can follow this path. This is especially true for first time writers who have yet to make a name for themselves. Being a writer means a life of dedication to an art form. What’s more there is no guarantee that you will make any money out of it. And yet a multitude of people are taking their chances and take up writing every day. This is because writing is a sublime art form that gives you the ability to make something great out of nothing. Here are 6 ways writing can change your life for the better.

  1. It gives you a whole new perspective on life

Whether you are just making an article for your blog or writing a novel, any writing activity is still an enriching experience. This is because writing allows you to see life in various ways. You can be writing a fantasy novel and then a detective novel the next. And by writing as various characters you are able to have a more open minded outlook on the world.

  1. Writing gives psychological benefits

When writing have you ever entered a state of wellbeing? A state where your worries just seem to fade into the background and you are just truly in the moment? In truth this is a common effect that writing has on people. This is because writing has psychological benefits that allow you to fully convey your emotions without fear of being judged or persecuted. Through writing you can unburden yourself of day to day problems or even more serious psychological issues. Whether you write a story or just write about what worries or angers you, it allows you to confront your problems and release pent up stress.

  1. Writing tells you a lot about yourself

One of the best things about writing is the fact that you get to know more about yourself as you delve into the writing process. This is because writing is one of the most honest and enlightening activities that you can take part in. You don’t need to pretend when you write. When you write you are technically at your most vulnerable because you are opening yourself up to the scrutiny of other people. This is especially true when you are writing a book. So writing is technically a potent and productive exercise that allows you to know yourself better.

  1. Writing allows you to affect other people’s lives

Being a writer means that you have the potential to affect other people’s lives. You can influence their mentalities and perceptions on certain issues and educate them on your own beliefs. This is why great authors such as Karl Marx, George Orwell and Ernest Hemingway are so revered. This is because they were able to influence a multitude of people in their own way of thinking. As a writer, you have the potential to achiever immortality through your work.

  1. Your writing has the potential to make you rich

Throughout history many a great writer has achieved fame and fortune through their writing. More recent examples being Stephen King and J.K Rowling. Both authors are incredibly successful in their chosen genres and have become some of the richest people in the world. As a writer you also have the potential to become just as successful. But as it was stated before there is truly no guarantee of success. But if you are a truly committed writer, fame and fortune should not be a priority. If you get into writing just to make money you will truly not succeed. Start your journey with pure and honorable intentions and you will be on the right track to being a great author.

  1. Writing can help you express yourself better

Not everyone can convey how they feel efficiently through words. Which is why if you are an introvert or have a hard time conversing with people then writing is a great alternative. Through your writing you can express your thoughts and opinions. You can do this through a blog or a bog it does not really matter. All in all, through writing you can develop your character and express your views as eloquently as possible.


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