Get your Book the Best Media Exposure with these Great Tips!

23When it comes to book promotion nothing is more important than media exposure. You can have the best book in the world. It can be the best story of all time, but without proper media exposure it will never reach your readers. That’s why as early as the book promotion part, you will have to press the issue and get your book the media exposure it needs. But this is easier said than done because traditional media techniques are time consuming and expensive. Luckily you still have access to a lot of alternative options on getting the right media exposure. Here are some great tips on getting the right media exposure for your book.

  • Have a great author platform

If you want to reach out to your prospective readers you will need a great author platform. An author platform is a starting point from where you can reach out and create a fan base for your work. This can be in the form of a blog or website. Having an author platform will not only help you to reach out to your fans, it can also help you to enhance your reputation as an author. Through your author platform you also advertise your book through book trailers, articles and excerpts.  In many ways your author platform is the foundation point from which you can conduct your book marketing strategies.

  • Use Social Media to spread word of your book

Social media is an immensely popular media form nowadays. A majority of people use at least one form of social media every day, and it is considered by many as a game changer in advertising. Which is why it is extremely important that you know how to use social media to spread word of your book. By using social media to market your book, you are not only modernizing your book promotion methods, but you are also making your book more discoverable online. One such example is the use of Facebook to spread word of your book. Facebook is arguably the most popular social media site in existence and a multitude of people log into it every day. They use it to keep in contact, to inform and to share news. And if you can tap into its full potential and effectively utilize it, your book marketing campaign will truly succeed.

You can also use Twitter to call attention to your books through your Tweets. Just remember that your Tweets should be interesting and not monotonous. No one wants to read a monotonous book advertisement through Twitter. You can also use other social media sites such as Instagram and LinkedIn to help supplement your book marketing.

  • Know your target market

It is very important that you know your target market before you set out on your book marketing campaign. By knowing your target market, you will know what type of people you should sell your book to and how to reach out to them. You will also be able to pattern your book marketing strategies on your target market’s preferences.

  • Use book reviews

Book reviews are immensely potent when it comes to marketing your book. This is because many a reader looks to book reviews as a confirmation whether to read a book or not. Which is why, if you want to effectively market your book, you will need positive book reviews. Although you can have your book reviewed by fellow authors and media personalities, the most effective type of book review is through online retail sites. This is because readers usually look to these sites for easy information whether a book is good or not. So it is imperative that your book receives positive reviews. Great examples of these online retail sites are Amazon and Goodreads. The best thing about having your book reviewed by online retail sites is the fact that it makes it so much easier for readers to buy your books once they decide on reading it.

  • Create great content for your blogs

As it was stated earlier, having a great author platform is important. But what you put in your author platform is also just as important. This is because readers are very fickle and can lose interest easily. So if you want to truly make them your fans you will need to enamor them with your work. Don’t just write for the sake of content. Try to create great work that will give them true enjoyment.

  • Reach out to well-known authors and bloggers

When it comes to getting the right media exposure for your book, reaching out to well-known authors and bloggers is a good move. This is because they have the influence to give your book the media exposure it needs. By making a rapport with well-known authors you can ask them to review your book and give you pointers on how to improve your writing. Consider them as a wellspring of experience, and a friendship with them is a truly potent source of media exposure. The same can be said for bloggers. This is because blogging is a very effective form of media, and having a blogger write about your book can really help spread your book’s influence.

  • Contribute to other blogs and online forums

You don’t have to limit yourself to your blog. You can also write for other blogs and online forums. Contributing to other blogs will not only enable you to spread word of your book, but also show readers that you truly care for literature and that you are a serious writer.


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