Highly Effective Ways to Profit from your Self-Published Book!

23Being a self-published book you would know that you have advantages that traditionally published authors don’t have. You have the advantage of doing the book publishing process your way and you stand to earn a full percentage for every book that you sell. Sadly though you will also be at a disadvantage in certain aspects.  This is especially evident during the marketing phase because you will have limited marketing options compared to traditionally published authors. Which is why you should find alternative marketing strategies that will help you make a profit. Here are highly effective ways to profit from your self-published book.

  • Recognize your target market

Before you even begin writing your book, you should recognize your target market and base your book marketing strategies on their needs. This way, you won’t have to go into the book marketing phase blind. By having a set target market, you will know how to make your book more appealing. You will also be able to write your book in a way that will keep your future fan base happy. Knowing your target market allows you to avoid the common marketing pitfalls that all self-published authors face, and avoid wasting valuable time and money.

  • Market your book online

By marketing a book online you won’t have to reach out to established book stores. You will no longer have to beg established bookstores just to put your book in their shelves. By marketing your book online, you are technically cutting out the need of having a physical store and starting on the more important task of selling your book as soon as possible. Marketing a book takes a great deal of time, but by doing it online you can reach out effectively to your target market and have a more direct way for them to purchase your books.

  • Create a great author platform

By having a great author platform, you will be able to reach out to prospective readers and create a fan base for yourself. Remember that a fan base is one of the most important aspects of being an author. This is because your fan base is what will keep you afloat during the marketing process and your fan base will contribute to most of your book sales. Which is why having a great author platform is so important. The best type of author platform would most likely be an author blog or author website. Through your author blog you can post articles and excerpts of your book that will attract a fan base. You can even sell your book directly through your blog.

  • Use book reviews to market your book

Book reviews are very effective when it comes to marketing a book. This is because many readers look to book reviews to decide whether to read a book or not. So having positive book reviews will not only give your book a good reputation but it will also make it a whole lot easier to sell. The best way is to have your book reviewed by online book retailers such as Amazon and Goodreads. Book retail sites such as these are known to have good book reviewers. And many prospective readers visit these sites to know which books are good to read. So the better your books reviews the more books you will sell.

  • Your book can grant you new opportunities

One of the best things about publishing your very own book are the opportunities they grant you. If your book gains success a great many things will be accessible to you. You will not only gain a good reputation as a writer, you will also have the chance to transcend to other art forms. One great example of this is George R.R. Martin. The famed fantasy author started from humble beginnings but through the years his books have become part of the fantasy landscape. His Game of Thrones books though were what put him on the map. And because of the incredible acclaim his books garnered, his books were soon adopted into a TV series, which soon became a pop culture phenomenon. And who’s to say that you cannot achieve this kind of success as an author.

Of course your book does not have to be limited to show business. Depending on your genre, you can also become an authority on related topics and can be called on to serve as a speaker or adviser. For example, you wrote a book on European Medieval history. And upon gaining success, people now consider you a top authority on the topic. This may open new doors for you to get into the academe and be called to speak on conventions related to the subject.

  • Print your book in various forms

When it comes to selling a book, versatility is key. This is because people have different preferences when it comes to book formats. Some people prefer to read hard bound books because they like the feel of it, while some prefer to read softcover books because they find hard bounds too heavy. While some prefer to read eBooks because they find the older formats to be old fashioned. In many ways, there is really no superior book format. Which is why if you want to be able to sell to a wider audience, it is always a good idea to print your book in various formats.

  • Widen your marketing range

You are a self-published author. Which means you don’t need to follow anyone else’s marketing strategy but your own. Which is why it is always a good idea to widen your marketing range as much as possible. When you market your book, think international. Don’t limit yourself to just the national level. That way you can increase your potential consumers tenfold.

  • Create a book series

There is always something so enticing about reading a book series. It could be because of the feeling of continuity every time you read a new addition to a book series. Or it could be the progression and growth of the story and characters. Whatever this quality may be, it is ultimately proof that book series are popular and can earn an author a lot of money. Which is why as a self-published author, it is to your best interest to create a book series. By creating a book series of your own, you will not only have the opportunity to generate more profit from your writing, you can create your very own literary universe.


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