6 Ways your Writing can Influence the World!

25Being a writer comes with a great deal of responsibility and hard work. This is because being a writer means that your work can influence the world. You may think, that just because you are just starting out as a writer your work won’t have any weight. But in truth your work can influence the lives of so many people all over the world. The works of many great authors such as Ernest Hemingway and George Orwell have helped shape the perceptions and lives of a multitude of people. Here are 6 ways your writing can influence the world.

  1. Your writing can influence the beliefs of other people

One of the greatest things you can do as a writer is to influence other people’s beliefs. It is a testament to how well you write. To be able to influence the beliefs of other people. Despite their earlier resistance shows that your writing is not only convincing but also life changing. Take for example, the writings of Saint Agustin. The legendary bishop of Hippo was a prolific writer in his day. And being one of the greatest figures of his era, his writings were spread all over the world and helped spread the Christian faith. As a writer, you also have this potential. And it need not be limited to matters of religion either. As a writer you can influence humanity to become even greater and do some good in this world.

  1. Your writing can help educate the world

Being a writer, you are partly a teacher. This is because by writing a book, you are technically teaching people on certain topics. Whether you are writing a novel or a text book on mathematics or science you are technically helping to spread knowledge through your writing. And you don’t even need to write a book. You can also write through your author blog. By writing and spreading knowledge you are making the world a better place.

  1. Your writings can shed light on social issues

The written word has always been a multifaceted tool. It does not only help to spread knowledge but can also be used to uphold the rights of the downtrodden. There are many injustices in the world, and it can be in your neighborhood or a thousand miles away. What is important though is the fact that you can call attention to these injustices and get them the help they need. As we speak thousands of people are dying in seclude war zones all over the globe. As we speak, thousands of children are dying due to lack of food and resources. As a writer you have the skills to help these people. Through your writing you can galvanize other people to join you in your mission to help others. Being a writer means so much more than being able to write a book. Being a writer is a truly multifaceted role that allows you to influence the lives of other people.

  1. Your writings can galvanize people to do great things

There have been many instances in history that one man’s writings have galvanized people to do great things. Take for example the great French author and philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau. He was considered one of the leading voices in political philosophy during the French revolution. And his writings became a cornerstone for the French revolutionary’s philosophies. And his works are still being studied to this very day. As a writer you also have the potential to influence the minds of a multitude of people through your writing.

  1. Your writings can enrich other people’s lives

The world can be a drab place. There are responsibilities and lots of harsh truths associated with reality. Which is why some people turn to books to get away from life’s everyday stresses and have enriching experiences through literature. As a writer, you have the potential to enrich other people’s lives through your writing. You can just write a story or a whole book, but never forget that your work can make a lot of people happy.

  1. Your writing can inspire others to write

Throughout your writing journey you will be given a chance to inspire others to also write. Whether it is through your book or articles you wrote for your blog, your work will garner fans that will place your writing in high regard. And as a writer it is your responsibility to cultivate a love for writing throughout your fan base.

All in all, you should always remember that being a writer is an honor that should be cherished and honed. As a writer you are given the chance to change the world for the better through your imagination and skills, so give it your all.



  1. drskschukla@gmail.com' says

    Going by your definitions, I am sure that the current ‘writing’- worldwide- is not up to the mark; it is much ado about nothing, and it is substandard. I have in my mind, as I take this ‘cynical’ view, the real time advancement of human civilization as the end purpose of all good literary writing.
    Humans live unhappy lives, for example. Not only that, they also live in fear, moment by moment, trice after trice, for where what happens, where the bomb explodes, where the shooting occurs, nobody much knows. All in all, modern ultratech living is pointless living, or as well, living to no exalted intents and purposes. Writing would count if writers succeeded in ‘creating’ an alternative world, be it, to begin with, in their writing fantasies. And then, well begun is half done. I do try to write like that-let’s say an exemplar of the Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman caste Brahmin from India.

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