Highly effective tips on Creating Great Content!

22As a writer your biggest concern is figuring out how to come up with great content. Creating great content is immensely important because this is what it truly means to be a writer. You can have the best writing coach in the world and you have read a multitude of books. But if you cannot come up with great content then you can never call yourself a writer. Luckily you don’t really need to write a whole book in order to create good content. You can write in your blog or through a well-known publication, what matters is that you are able to capture your target audience’s attention and imaginations. Luckily that is not too difficult to do. Here are easy to follow tips on creating great content.

  • Do your research

Before you write your content, it is always a good idea to do your research. Readers are very fickle when it comes to facts and they will most likely get annoyed and stop reading your work if you don’t back up your writing with thorough research. You should also be very discerning when looking for facts because not all research sources are trustworthy and may do more harm than good.  Take note of your resources so that you can cite them and give proof should any readers question your credibility. This is especially useful when you are writing content for your blog site, because your readers will expect you to be very thorough and they will not hesitate to call you up on it. The same can be said when you are writing a book, because any errors in research work will come back to haunt you in book reviews. So before you release your work make sure that your research work is flawless.

  • Read a lot

One of the most important things to remember when writing great content is to have a lot of writing influences. By having a lot of writing influences you can write a story with a lot of layers and intricacies that will make your work truly unique. This is why you should read as much as you can. The more books you read the more influences you can draw from. Your reading material does not need to be all books though. You can also cite magazines and online articles as writing influences. Never limit your reading material because it will also limit your writing ability.

  • Develop your own writing style

When creating content you should strive to develop your very own writing style. By developing your own writing style you could make sure that your readers will recognize your work. When developing a writing style, you can do it in a variety of ways.  From the tone of your writing to the words you often use to the amount of descriptive words that you use. It really all depends on you. Word of advice though, try not to be too flowery or write overly long words.  Because it may confuse or annoy readers.


  • Write in short and concise sentences.

Whether you are writing a novel or an article for your blog always remember this advice. Write in short and concise sentences. Writing in overlong sentences makes your work difficult to read. It also tends to annoy readers and is considered as bad writing. It is also advisable that you avoid unnecessary jargon and flowery words. This is because they tend to distract from the main subject and confuse readers.

  • Come up with a great title for your work.

A great title is one of the most important aspects of creating great content. This is because a good title should be able to convey what the book is about. But should not give away too much as to ruin the ending of the book.

  • Take the editing process seriously

The editing process is the part where you double check your work. This means that you check your work for any errors that may have been overlooked during the first draft. During the editing process you should make sure that your work is grammatically correct. It is also important to check your sentence composition and make sure there are no inconsistencies. In many ways, the editing process is one of the most important aspects of the writing process. It usually takes more than one round of editing before all the errors are corrected.

All in all though the one thing that truly makes great content is the passion to write. It is this passion that will elevate your writing skills to the next level. It is also this passion that will fuel your need to improve no matter what. So whenever you write, always remember to do it with passion.


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