Ways your Writing can Change the World for the Better!

20Being a writer you would most likely have an idealistic side to you. This side would compel you to write your very best to leave your own legacy on literature. A part of your personality that wants you to make an impact on the world. To influence the lives of as many people as possible. In short to change the world. But how exactly can your writing change the world? How exactly can your writing be so influential that it can affect the lives of people thousands of miles away? Here are some ways that your writing can change the world.

  • It illuminates the world to new concepts and stories

You should remember one thing when you are writing your book. That knowledge is power, and that whatever you write whether it sells well or not will contribute to the accumulated knowledge of the human race. It will be a part of our collective knowledge, whether it is a short story or a new theory on physics, your work will always be a welcome contribution and will help change the world for the better. So next time you are feeling doubtful whether your book is good enough to publish, remember that your work has the potential to introduce new concepts and stories to other people, and that you are honor bound to spread it all over the world.

  • It can influence the lives of other people

One of the most beautiful things about writing a book is the fact that whatever you write has the potential of influencing the lives of other people. Take for example the writings of Marcus Aurelius, one of Rome’s greatest emperors. His was a life rife with conflict and pain. His rule was constantly under threat from enemies that range from foreign invaders to political intrigues. And yet he was a model of the stoic mentality. And through his writings foremost of which are his Meditations, he was able to influence the philosophies of countless people through the centuries. And who’s to say that your work cannot do the same thing. All it really takes is the courage to write a story and spreading it all over the world.

  • Your writing can help mold the minds of the next generation

As you write your novel or any other type of book, you should remember that any form of writing can be very effective tools in molding the opinions of other people. This is especially true for people who are highly impressionable, such as the younger generation. You can be writing a children’s book or a book on scientific concepts, and you will still have the potential to shape the minds and opinions of an entire generation. So make sure that your writing will prove beneficial to shaping their minds and perceptions on the world.

  • Your writing has the potential to destroy harmful stereotypes and misconceptions

It is a well-known fact that the world is chock full of harmful stereotypes and misconceptions that makes people closed minded and downright unpleasant. Which is why the written word is so important when it comes to destroying these old and destructive notions and illuminate people to more open minded concepts and equality. Through your writing you can change the world for the better by destroying these harmful stereotypes  and educating your readers on the concepts of equality and tolerance.

  • You can draw attention to various social issues through your writing

The world is constantly plagued by social issues and as an author you have the tools to combat this. Issues such as racial discrimination and governmental corruption is running rampant all over the world. And as an author you can do your part and call attention to these issues.  You don’t even need to write a book, you can just write for other publications on the issues and be brave enough to stand up for your beliefs when opposition comes your way. The world is full of injustice and you can do your part as a writer and make them known throughout the world.

As a writer you have a responsibility to your readers to give them the best you can do. Remember that everything you write will ultimately affect humanity, whether your book reaches a million people or just one person. You will still be able to reach out and change lives through your writing.


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