Great tips on how to choose your very own writing genre!

19Being a writer, you would understandably know how important it is that you choose the right genre for yourself. Choosing the right genre could mean the difference between success and failure in your literary endeavors. So before you begin writing your own book, you should find the perfect genre for you. But this can be a difficult process, because most people have more than one favorite genre. Be reminded that the genre you write in will be the genre that will be associated with you for most of your writing career. Which is why you should take your time in choosing a genre to write in. Here are some great tips on how to choose your very own writing genre.

  • What books do you usually read?

When it comes to genre selection your first thought should be what books do you usually read? Do you read poetry books? Romance novels? Children’s books or maybe Christian books? You should base your genre choice on your preferred literature because it is a genre that you have always been passionate about. And as it was stated earlier, your genre choice is important because your reputation as a writer will always be intertwined with your chosen genre. Take for example Stephen King, he is the most prolific writer of his generation. Every time he writes a story his work is always lauded and considered a potential bestseller. He first started his career as a writer of horror novels, but sometimes branched out to other genres. But because he first started his career in the horror genre he is always associated with it. This is why you should take it slow when choosing your genre. It will be part of your author identity for a very long time.

When you set out on choosing a genre to write in, it is very important that you are knowledgeable in your chosen genre. Being knowledgeable means that you have an intimate knowledge of the genre. One great example would be the renowned historical fiction author Bernard Cornwell. He has written in the Historical fiction genre for many years and has created quite a reputation for himself as the premiere authority of this genre. But he did not become a legend in this genre overnight. He did so through painstaking research and hard work on his part. So before you choose a genre, be sure that you have an intimate knowledge of it.

  • Your writing style also plays a factor

Another factor when choosing a genre is your writing style. What is your writing style? Is it flowery? Is it short and concise? Do you use a lot of jargon? Or is it straightforward? Your writing style matters because it has to be compatible with the genre that you choose. For example, if you choose to write in high fantasy, your writing should be highly descriptive in order to convey the various fantastical and out of this world events that take place in the book. Whereas if you write a history book you will have to forgo highly dramatic and descriptive wordplay for a more fact based approach to writing.

  • Don’t choose a genre just because it is popular

Everyone has their own genre, and it never really pays writing in a genre just because it is popular. This is technically the writer’s version of selling out. When choosing a genre, you should really care about what you are writing and not just doing it for a paycheck.

  • Choose a genre you are passionate about

When you set out on choosing a genre, the most important thing to remember is that you should be passionate about it. Don’t just choose a genre because it is currently trending. Trends are only a temporary thing and should not really be a factor when choosing a genre. What’s important is that you are passionate about the genre. Before you choose a genre, you should ask whether you are willing to work on your art, no matter the obstacles. If you are that means that you are truly passionate and that you are ready to write in your chosen genre.


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