How to Use Book Reviews to Effectively Promote your Book!

17Book reviews have been a part of the literary scene for years. Many a reader can attribute to have read a book because of a good book review. And with the rise of the internet book reviews have become even more widely used than ever. This is why if you truly want to effectively promote your book you should have a systematic plan on how to effectively use book reviews to promote your book. Here are some great tips on how to use book reviews to promote your book.

  • Use book reviews to entice readers to read your book

Book reviews have always been used to show readers that a book is worthy of being read. And as an author book reviews can be your worst enemy or greatest ally. This is because book reviews can be used by potential readers as a form of social justification to read a certain book. So you had better make sure that your book reviews are positive. That way readers will be compelled to read your book.

  • Use book reviews to enhance your reputation as a writer

Aside from helping you sell your book, book reviews also helps you to cement your legacy as an author. Many a great author got a head start on their careers through positive book reviews. But when it comes to book reviews, it will all depend on who wrote the book review. So if you want to have your reputation enhanced as a writer, you should strive to have your book written by a well-known book critic. The more well known the author the more memorable you will be as an author.

  • Make your book review as discoverable as possible

Book reviews are a highly effective form of book promotion because it is a way to show readers that your book is worth reading. But if your book review has a very low discoverability rate, then the book review as positive as it is, will prove useless to you. So you should always remember to make your book review as discoverable as possible. There are a lot of ways that you can do this. One way is create your own author blog and feature your book reviews on it. That way, should any potential fans be looking through your blog, your book reviews will be easily accessible to your potential fan base. You can also post your book reviews on your Facebook account along with your book advertisement. That way should any potential fans look through Facebook, your book review will still be easily accessible. But your best option would most likely be to have your book reviewed by online retailers. By having your book reviewed by online retailers such as Amazon, your book will be given a thorough book review by a dedicated team of writers. And even better your book will be given the discoverability it needs by being featured in the online retailers websites. Which is considerably one of the most widely used book review sources for most potential readers. So whether you are writing a poetry book, children’s book or a Christian book, book reviews will always be a great way to promote your book.

  • Create a rapport with other authors

One of the best ways to supplement your book promotion is to have a good relationship with other authors. By reaching out to other authors and having them review your book, you are technically creating a rapport with other authors. You can also do them favors and offer to review their books. Remember that the more friends you have in the literary world, the easier it will be to promote your book.

  • Reach out to famous bloggers to review your book

Blogging is by far one of the most prevalent form of promotion in this day and age. And if you want to effectively promote your book it is a great idea to reach out to bloggers and have them review your book. By having bloggers review your book it can be given the best media coverage possible. Because famous bloggers are highly influential people and can help give your book the attention it needs. Just be careful that the bloggers you choose are affiliated to literature and have a good reputation.

All in all, book reviews are highly potent tools for book promotions. So they should be used wisely and extensively. Who knows, your latest positive book review might make your career one day.


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