Reasons Why you Should be Aware of Book Reviews!

15If you are self-publishing your own book you would most likely know how difficult it is to promote a book. This is because the literary scene is already populated by a multitude of books, and it is very difficult to break through and make a name for your book. And being a self-publishing author, you would also know how expensive it is to promote a book. Which is why you should have a highly effective method of promoting your book without having to spend a great deal of money. This is where book reviews come in. With book reviews you can effectively promote your book and spread its influence without having to spend a fortune. Here are great reasons why you should be aware of book reviews.

  • Book reviews are very effective

Book reviews have always been a mainstay in the literary world. Whenever a reader looks for potential books to read they would usually look online for book reviews. In many ways book reviews are a sort of social justification for readers to read a book. Whether you write a poetry book, children’s book or a Christian book, a positive book review will always help sell your book. Which is why it is imperative that you get good reviews. The better your reviews the more effective your book promotion will be.

  • Book reviews will affect your reputation as an author

Aside from promoting your book, book reviews also helps to enhance your reputation as a writer. If your book reviews are positive, then your reputation will also grow.  You will gain the respect of your readers and enjoy a higher status as a writer. But if your reviews are negative, then your reputation as an author will be damaged depending on how negative your reviews are. In many ways, book reviews are like double edged swords. It can both damage and enhance your reputation. This is why it is very important that your book reviews are predominantly positive.

  • Book reviews will give your book more exposure

Seeing as that book reviews are now usually posted online, having a book review whether it is positive or negative will always give your book media exposure. This is especially true for positive book reviews, because the better the review, the more it will be compared to other books of this genre. This will in turn cause a domino effect wherein your book will be posted with other books of its own genre and ultimately enhance its reputation by its association.

  • Book reviews will allow you to cultivate a fan base

Having a fan base is one of the most important things an author can have. This is because your fan base is your main source of book sales. One way of getting a good fan base are positive book reviews. The more positive book reviews the more people will be drawn to your book. One of the best ways to use positive book reviews is to post them on your author blog site. By doing so, you will not only draw people to your book, you will also show them proof that your book is indeed good quality.

  • Book reviews will directly affect your book sales

Positive book sales are a great way to enhance your book sales. This is because the more positive your reviews will be, the more likely your potential fan base will buy your book. And the more negative book reviews you have the less books you will sell.

  • Book reviews will help you grow further as a writer

Although book reviews are highly effective in enhancing book sales, there are also other ways that book reviews can help you as a writer. Book reviews, positive and negative alike are a way to help you grow as a writer. If your book review is positive, then take it as proof that you are doing something right, and that you should stay consistent in your writing. Whereas if you are given negative reviews, take the criticisms to heart and learn from them. By knowing your limitations as a writer, you can grow as one. All in all book reviews are a necessity when it comes to book publishing.


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