Easy to Follow Advice on how to Get Book Endorsements!

12Book endorsements are a very potent way to enhance your book’s reputation. It is a very useful tool when you are marketing a book because readers take endorsements very seriously. They look at the endorsements as the justification to read your book. This is especially true if your endorsement was written by a well-known author or public figure. The pre-publication endorsement is a way to bolster your book’s reputation and make it a desirable read for most readers. But endorsements are not as easy to get as one would think. Which is why you should have a plan on how to get endorsements effectively. Here is some great advice on how to get pre-publication endorsements.

  • Choose the right endorsers

Finding the right endorsers for your book takes a great deal of thought. This is because you will want an endorser that will grace your book with the right credentials. You should make a list of endorsers and reasons why you should seek them out. Don’t be afraid to write a long list because not every one of your potential endorsers will be obliging and you may get a lot of your endorsement requests denied. So it is good to have a lot of options.

When you make your list, you should make sure that your potential endorsers should have certain attributes that will help your book get the reputation it needs to shine in the book marketing world. One attribute that endorsers should have is a positive public image. This is because people are usually drawn to people with a good reputation, and shy away from people with bad reputations. Another attribute that an endorser should have is the level of influence they have on your chosen genre. For example, Bernard Cornwell is considered one of the most influential authors in the historical fiction genre because of his incredibly famous book series. And if you are in the same genre, getting a book endorsement from him will be a huge help to your book marketing campaign. It is also a plus if you can get an endorsement from a celebrity, just make sure that the celebrity has a good reputation.

Remember that you can include anyone on this last, but just remember to choose wisely because once you use their endorsement your book and your name as a writer will be linked with theirs from there on.

  • Reach out to them

It can be very intimidating to reach out to an endorser. Especially if the endorser is particularly famous. But always remember that it is better to have tried and failed than to have never have tried at all. When it comes to book marketing it is always important to take a risk because you never know whether this one risk will be the big break your book needs. So you should do your very best to reach out to these endorsers and convince them that your book is worth endorsing. Remember also that these endorsers also started out from the bottom and that they also needed help, so they would mostly empathize with your plight.

  • Create a rapport with your endorsers

Once you make contact with your endorsers try to establish a rapport with them. And it is always advisable that you try to be on good terms with them and keep in touch. Because the better your relationship with your endorsers the more chances they will endorse your book.

  • Craft your endorsement request letter

When you reach out to your endorsers it is always important that you craft an adequate endorsement request letter. When you make a letter you should remember that you are the one asking for a favor. So try to make it as polite yet as straightforward as possible. When you write your letter try to show the endorser that you really need his or her help. Make your request short and concise.  Don’t beat around the bush and tell them what you really need. That way whether they help you or not, you will at least be clear on how you want them to write the endorsement.

Make sure that you make the process easy for them. Send your potential endorsers samples or copies of your book to make the process easier for them. Give them a set deadline so that you can include their book in your book marketing strategy. Once you receive the endorsements never forget to send them a thank you note for all their help.

  • Use your endorsements in your book marketing campaign

Once you get your endorsements it is important that you use them as efficiently as possible. Put them up in your blog site or print them in your book cover. Remember that book endorsements are extremely valuable and should be used to get your book the most publicity possible.


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