Great Book promotion Tips for Self-published authors!

9Being a self-published author you would know how difficult it is to promote your book. Book promotion takes a great deal of work and resources and you will need a great deal of advice when it comes to the book publishing process. And having a traditional publishing house to support your book promotion campaign would be very useful. But this is not a necessity to effectively promote your book. Although it may be difficult there are still ways that you can promote your book effectively without having to pay a fortune. Here are some great book promotion tips for self-published authors.

  1. Know your target audience

When you plan your book marketing campaign it is very important that you know your target audience. Knowing your target audience will allow you to pattern your book marketing strategies according to your target audience’s preferences. That way you will not have to waste precious time and resources on a market that will not react too well to your book. By targeting your target audience you can be specific when you make your book marketing campaign.

For example if you are writing a sci-fi book you should pattern your book promotion campaign so that they will be able to reach out to your targeted audience. This could come in the form of promoting your book to various sci-fi forums online. You can also promote your book to various sci-fi conventions and blog sites. That way you can reach out to your target audience in the most effective way possible.

  1. Create your own author platform

One of the most important tools you can have when promoting your book is an effective author platform. Having an effective author platform will allow you to expand your book’s reach and at the same time cultivate a fan base. But this can sometimes be a problem for some self-published authors because of the perceived costs of having your own author platform. But this is where they have it all wrong. In truth you don’t really need to spend a great deal of money in order to have an effective author platform. You can create your own platform by making your own blog site or website. Through your blog site you can posts articles and attract potential readers through your work. You can also advertise your book through your blog site. Your blog site can also be used to create rapports with fellow authors and potential readers. All in all having an author platform is a must if you are thinking of marketing a book effectively.

  1. Use Social Media in your book promotion campaign

Social Media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing in this day and age, it usually entails the use of social media to market products. Some great examples of social media marketing is the use of bloggers by large companies to help market their products. As a self-published author this is a very potent way for you to promote your book. By selling your book through social media you can reach out to a very wide demographic without having to spend too much on advertising. Here are some great tips on how to use social media marketing to promote your book.

  • Facebook is by far one of the most effective and cheapest ways you can promote your book through social media. By using your Facebook account and sending out online advertisements through your Facebook account. You can even promote your book through Facebook friend’s accounts and enhance your book’s discoverability tenfold.
  • You can also use Twitter to Tweet about your book at a regular basis.
  • Instagram is also a great way to enhance your book’s range of influence by posting pictures of your book and other works.
  • Create your own book trailer and post it through YouTube or other related internet sites.
  1. Create a reputation for yourself as a writer

Before you even release your book, you should already have a reputation as a writer. That way you will already have an existing fan base for your book. You can enhance your reputation in a number of ways. One way is to post articles through your blog site. By posting your articles through your blog site you will be able to show off your work. You can also enhance your reputation as a writer by making writing articles for well-known publications.

  1. Create great content

This is by far the most important part of the book promotion process. If you want your book to sell well you must try to make your book as good as possible. You may have the best promotional services and the best book promotion team but if your writing is bad, then it will all be useless. So pull out all the stops and write the best book you can.



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    I am a self published author and it is really hard to get out to the public . advertising is costly but I have been trying. don’t have a blog but maybe will be able to start one. thanks for your advise

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