Tips on How to create author platforms as a self-published author!

7Self-published authors know full well how difficult it is to promote a book. With the lack of proper representation from established book publishers, self-published authors usually have to figure out for themselves how to effectively promote their books without having to spend a ton of money. One way is to establish an efficient and effective author platform. From this author platform you can promote and pull off your book marketing strategies without having to spend a great deal of money. But making an effective author platform is not as easy as one thinks. Here are some great tips on how to create an author platform as a self-published author.

  1. Set up your very own blog site

One of the most effective ways to create an author promotional platform is to create your very own blog site. Blog sites are by far one of the most effective ways that you can promote your book and enhance your fan base. Through your blog site you can posts practically anything. This gives you the freedom you need to reach out to potential readers and show them that your book is worth reading. Here are some highly effective ways you can do this.

  • Create great content and post them through your blog site. Make sure that your content is related to your book, that way your potential readers will not get confused what your book is about.
  • Use your blog site to enhance your influence with potential fans.
  • Form a rapport with potential fans, you can also answer their questions and give them tips on how to write effectively.
  • Create relationships with other bloggers. This will allow you to enhance your reach by posting advertisements through their blog sites. You can also help them by allowing them to post on yours.
  1. Use Social Media extensively

Social media is a very effective way to promote your book. In this day and age you very seldom see people who do not use Social Media. It is practically everywhere. Which is why you should be able to use it to spread work of your book and create a great fan base. Here are some highly effective methods of using social media to create a fan base.

  • Facebook is the most popular Social media site and is a very effective way to spread word of your book. You can pull off book marketing campaigns through your Facebook account by advertising your book through your Facebook account. You can also have your book promoted through your Facebook friend’s accounts.
  • You can also Tweet regularly through Twitter.
  • Utilize your LinkedIn connections. By using your LinkedIn connections you can expand your book’s discoverability.
  • Posts pictures of your book and other related content through Instagram


  1. Join various online forums

It is a good idea to join online forums because it will make you and your book more discoverable. Throughout the internet there are various online forums that talk about certain subjects. By joining these sites and giving your own advice you can create a rapport with potential fans. Just make sure that your book is related to the main subject of the forum.

  1. Create a reputation for yourself as a good writer

Even before releasing your book you should already have a solid reputation as a writer that way you will already have an existing fan base waiting for you. You can create a reputation for yourself by contributing to various publications that are related to your book’s genre. By contributing to these sites you are technically showing potential fans your skills as a writer without releasing a book.

  1. Make yourself an authority in your chosen genre

People tend to gravitate to knowledgeable people, this also goes online. You can make yourself into an authority in your chosen genre by providing answers through your blog site. You can also provide trivia through your blog site.

All in all, having an author platform will ultimately change the way you promote your book. Having an author platform will allow you to promote your book efficiently by yourself, and by marketing your book online, you will make your book a whole lot more accessible to the public.


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