Great Tips on how to get Book Endorsements as a self-published author!

5Being a self-published author you would know how difficult book marketing is. You would understandably lack the help of a traditional publishing house. And this would limit your influence and resources by a large margin. Which is why you should look to less conventional means on promoting your book. One great way is to look for book endorsements. But what are book endorsements? They can be described as a cross between a review and a good word from a benefactor. Endorsements are very important for unheralded authors because they need all the help they can get to sell their books. The same can be said for self-published authors. Which is why you should prioritize in getting good endorsements. Here are some great tips on how to get endorsements for your book.

  1. Make sure of your endorser’s credibility

One of the things that you should really makes sure of is that your endorser should be as credible as possible. It would help if your endorsers are well known and is respected for their opinions. The best type of endorser would be an established author who has made a name in your chosen genre. This will show potential readers that your book is legitimate and should be looked out for. If you don’t have access to a well-known author, lesser known authors are also effective, the same goes for respected people in high positions. Remember that your main intent is to convince readers that your book is worth reading.  So the more well respected or high profile the endorser the better. It is best to avoid being endorsed by an obscure or ill reputed endorser because this will only damage your chances of promoting your book effectively.

  1. Be picky in your endorsement search.

When people look at the endorsements on a book they usually check if the endorser matches the book being endorsed. This is why you should be as picky as possible in finding an endorser. It would be weird of your wrote a history adventure book and you have a well-known Soccer player making the endorsements for your book. It just does not match, so if you want your book endorsements to do well it is always a good idea to be specific. That way their words will hold more weight and impress readers.

  1. Access your endorsers in the proper channels.

When you reach out to a potential endorsers it is always a good idea to reach out to them properly. Seeing as that you are asking them for a favor you should not just go in and ask them outright without any form of introduction. Remember that you are the one asking for their help, so you should be as polite as possible. Try to form a rapport with them and introduce yourself and show that your intentions are good. It is always advisable that you send potential endorsers a letter rather than just an email because this will show more respect and that you value their feedback.

  1. Create a suitable endorsement request letter

When you create an endorsement request always remember that you are the one asking for help. So it is necessary that you be as polite as possible. State that you would like to ask for an endorsement for your work. Send a copy of your book so that the endorser would be able to read your book and make an assessment.

  1. Make the endorsement as specific as possible.

Ask the endorser to point out what they liked about your work. Having a specifically written endorsement will allow you to make a bigger impact with readers during the book marketing phase. Tell your endorser what you want from them. That way should they decide to help you, they will know how to write your book endorsement effectively.

  1. Be grateful for their help

It is imperative that you show as much gratitude as possible. Remember that the endorsers you chose were under no obligation to help you. So it is important that you show them that you appreciate their work. After you release your work make sure to send them a letter of gratitude.

As a self-published author endorsements are highly valuable and should be used as efficiently as possible in your book marketing strategy.


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