The Elements of writing a Truly Great Book!


As a writer you would want to reach your true writing potential. And the best way you can reach your true writing potential is to write a truly great book. But it is easier said than done. There are so many factors that have to be taken into account. To create a truly great book you have to fulfill certain elements of book writing in order to impress readers. Fortunately though, these key elements are easy to identify and attain. Here are the key elements on writing a truly great book.

  • Great Wordplay

One of the most potent skills you can have as a writer is to have great wordplay. Being a great wordsmith allows you to create clever sentence constructions that will not only get your reader’s attentions but also allow you to create polished and refined stories that are truly memorable.

In order to create great wordplay your work will have to be as polished as possible. This includes your grammar, punctuation and spelling. Great wordplay also involves how you arrange your words and the style and voice of your writing style.  For example if you are writing a poetry book, your poetry must be done in a way, that it not only makes sense but also makes an impact with readers.

  • Dialogue

Dialogue is a way for the author to pass information between characters. In many ways the Dialogue pushes the story forward. It helps to give more personality to the character and also allows the writer to create interesting interactions between characters. You should refrain from wordy displays of dialogue because it can make the dialogue boring and tedious. Uninterrupted speeches should be avoided because they make the conversations seem too contrived. The dialogue should be limited to only two people to avoid confusions.

  • Create entire worlds through your writing

One of the best things about being an author is that you have the power to create entire worlds through your writing. And even better is the fact that you can take other people with you to these worlds. By creating these worlds you are creating a grand platform where you can create a multitude of stories. When you build your world you should remember to have a set timeline, landmarks and memorable places, and most important the proper setting for any storyline.

  • Consistency

One of the most important aspects of writing a great book is the consistency of your work. Your work could be great and have all the elements of a great book at the early phases of your writing. But your writing has to stay consistent throughout the whole book. Being consistent means that your writing must be of good quality the whole writing process. The sentence composition, punctuation and grammar must be polished. There should not be a drop in the quality of storytelling. If you truly want to be a great writer you should remember that consistency is key.

  • Character development

Character development is one of the most integral parts of writing. This is because the characters are the most watched aspect of the book. When a reader starts on a book the reader will usually see the story through the main character’s eyes. Whatever the main character feels, experiences and does the reader will have a front seat look at this. This is why character development is key when creating a great book. By developing your main character you not only move the story forward but you also elevate your own storytelling skills.

  • Book Editing

When you are writing a book, corrections are very important. No one is perfect and even the very best writers make mistakes every once in a while. This is why you need to have a good book editor on hand. And it does not matter whether your book is a Christian book, sci-fi book or Children’s book. What matters is that your book editing is done right.

  • Story progression

Have you ever read a book that is just plain dragging to read? If you have this means that the book lacks good story progression. And if you want to write a truly great book, you should do your best to make the story progression as smooth as possible. Good story progression does not mean that you rush the story. It only means that the story does not get dragged down by unnecessary story elements. If you want to make the story progression as efficient and seamless as possible you should cut out the unnecessary parts of the story. Such as unnecessary dialogues and sub stories that have no effect on the main story.


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