How do you motivate yourself to write a book? Here are some great tips!

4Motivation is an important aspect of writing a book, this is because motivation is what will sustain you throughout the entire writing process. This is why you should always have the right motivation when you write a book. Having the wrong motivation poses the danger of derailing the writing process midway and will ultimately have you stopping the writing process.  This is why you should have the right motivation before you even start writing a book. Here are some great ways to motivate yourself to write.

  • Try out something new

The writing process will be a grueling experience and it will take a great deal of work and determination to get through it. But sometimes the schedule can get too hectic that you might burn yourself out. This is why you need to go out and try out new experiences. Experiencing new things allows you to look at the world from a different perspective and gain new inspiration to write.

These new experiences can be anything from trying out a new café to skydiving. The important thing to remember is that you try out something that will stimulate your creativity and break the mundane nature of your routine. This will prevent you from getting in a rut and feeling stagnant.

  • Stay focused on the writing process

There are many times that you will be distracted during the writing process. This is understandable because it is a long and arduous process and you will be tempted to do something else. This is where you should remind yourself that in order to truly succeed as a writer you should devote yourself fully to the process.  Because if you don’t discipline yourself, you will most likely never finish your book.

  • Read extensively

Even though you are writing your book this does not mean that you can’t read other books. In truth reading other books will help you to refresh your mind and give you a fresh new perspective every time you write. You should never restrict yourself to just one genre either. You can read whatever you like. You can be writing a sci-fi novel, but you can also read other types of books, whether they be poetry books, Christian books or children’s books. Reading other books allows you to relive your mind of the stresses of writing your own book and open yourself to other forms of inspiration.

  • Enjoy the process

What really compels you to write? Is it money? Fame? Or is it just the plain good old love of the written word. One thing that you should always remember when you take up any endeavor is that you should enjoy it. That no matter how difficult or intense the process you will always stay with it because you enjoy it. So before you even think of writing the book, you should ask yourself these questions. Do I really enjoy writing? Will I enjoy it despite the deadlines? Will I still love writing even if the book does not do well? If you can say yes to all these questions, then you are on your way to succeeding as a writer.

  • Cultivate relationships with other writers

The writing process is a very multifaceted undertaking. And it can sometimes get lonely as a writer, because no one can write the book but you. But it does not always have to be a lonely activity. Although you have to write the book by yourself, that does not mean that you can’t reach out to other writers for their help and support. Being a writer does not mean that you live a solitary existence. You can join book clubs and writing groups. That way you can receive support from people who know what you are going through. It can also make the writing process a whole lot more enjoyable because you have people you can show your progress to.

  • Stay excited

One of the worst things a writer could go through when writing a book is boredom. This will lead to feelings of stagnancy and procrastination. This is why you should try to stay excited with writing as much as possible. That way you can stay motivated to write and produce great work in the process. You can compel yourself to be excited about writing by changing your perception. Don’t think of it as work. Think of it as a story that you are reading. And every day you are turning the pages and getting closer and close to the end. This mentality will help you develop a certain anticipation to write every day.

  • Set your priorities straight

Before you write your book, you should set your priorities straight. Why do you want to write this book? Is it for the money, fame or is it a dream since childhood? By having your priorities straight you can solidify your conviction to see the writing process through to the very end. Writing a book will entail you to make sacrifices. You will be expected to devote hours of your time to the writing process. And even if you do finish the book, you will face rejection and pressure from editors. So before you set down this path you should know what you are doing all this for. Knowing your true priorities will keep you motivated to finish your book and strive even harder to succeed as a writer.


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