Tips on How to Motivate Yourself During the Book Writing Process!

2Getting bit by the writing bug is a truly wonderful thing. It gives you an obsessive high that allows you to write almost nonstop. The hours just seem to pass by and you have no concept of time anymore. This is especially prevalent when you are busy writing a book. Sadly though this kind of writing fervor cannot last forever. And you might be surprised at how easy it is to lose your motivation in the long run. This is why you should be able to stay motivated no matter what obstacle may come your way. Here are some great tips on how to motivate yourself during the book writing process.

  • Set a deadline for yourself

Having a deadline for your writing is by far one of the most potent motivations you can have. Knowing that your book is on a deadline prevents you from procrastinating and wasting time. It also prevents you from getting sidetracked or getting writer’s block because you will most likely be too focused to have second thoughts about your work.

  • Read great books

You will be busy during the writing process, that much is expected. You will have a schedule that will keep you writing every chance you get. But this does not mean that you should stop yourself from reading great books. Some authors believe that reading books tends to make you confused about your writing and may disrupt the writing process. In truth reading different books allows you to have a whole new perspective on the writing process. It will also allow you to enrich your great influences from other writers. Of course that does not mean that you copy their work. Just use their work as a motivation for you to write even better.

  • Do not isolate yourself

One of the most common mistakes that some writers commit during the writing process is that they tend to isolate themselves from the outside world. Their main reasons for doing so is that they do not want to get distracted by so called outside noise. They would say that the outside noise tends to disrupt the writing process and cause them to lose track of their writing. But in truth, too much solitude is as damaging to the writing process as outside distractions. This is because being isolated from the outside world tends to make most people feel depressed and stagnant. So if you are writing a book, it is always a good idea to go out once in a while, spend time with your family and friends and have social interactions with a lot of people. This will allow you to have a better perspective on things and will enable you to tackle the writing process with a whole new fervor.

  • Be up to date on current events

It is always a great idea to be up to date on current events. Being up to date on current events gives you a whole new perspective on things. It also provides you with topics or subjects to write about. You can also incorporate these events into your writing and give it a more realistic twists. Being informed on current events is always a plus for most writers.

  • Travel

Although you do have a deadline to keep, it is always a great idea to travel. You don’t really need to take a cruise or anything. A short trip to another town or city is a great way for you not to feel stagnant. It also allows you to look at things from a whole new perspective. Whether you are writing a poetry book, Christian book or children’s book, it is always a good idea to travel while writing. It not only allows you to have a different perception on life, but the new sights and sounds will give you the inspiration you need in order to write great content. Just make sure that your traveling does not distract you from your writing duties.

  • Make it a family activity

Your writing project should be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible. This is why you should make it into a family activity. Looking at the writing process as a family activity will give you a feeling of security and support. Having your family and friends involved also allows you ask for their help in certain parts of the writing process. You can ask family members to read early parts of your manuscript. That way you can get an outside opinion on your book and deliberate whether to make changes or not. You can also ask for their help in character creation and their own take on certain plot twists. Having the help and support of family and friends not only makes the writing process bearable, but also very enjoyable.

  • Fully immerse yourself in the process

Above everything you should do your very best to be immersed in the writing process. There will be many distractions that will come your way as you continue your book writing journey. Such is life that you will always have to struggle in order to finish your book. Your motivation will be sorely tested and there will be times that you will be tempted to stop and leave your book unfinished. But if you immerse yourself and devote enough time into the writing process you will surely achieve your book writing dreams.


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