5 Truly Great Reasons for Writing a Book and Staying Motivated!

3Writing a book is one of the most worthy endeavors you can ever have. This is because writing a book is a highly difficult undertaking, and not everyone can do it. Many writers have set out on writing a book of their very own, but have lost their motivation when things get hard. This is why you need to have the right reasons to write a book. You need the motivation that will never break no matter what obstacles come your way. Here are 5 great reasons for writing a book and staying motivated till the end.

  1. It is a great way to earn a living

Although riches and fame should never be your main reason to write a book there is something comforting that you are earning a living doing something you love. If writing is what you love to do, day in and day out you really should do it for a living. Writing a book will give you a sense of accomplishment and a confidence in your abilities as a writer. Looking at it as a profession would also make you pull out all the stops and do your best work.

By being a full time writer you are technically burning all your boats and denying yourself a backup career. The reality that your livelihood depends on your writing is a truly great way to motivate yourself as a writer. But practice caution on deciding on being a professional writer. You will be better motivated to write your book, but the pressure and work involved are immense and should be taken into consideration before you decide on such a big decision.

  1. Self-fulfilment

Being a writer, you would understandably dream of writing your very own book. In a way there is nothing more fulfilling than to write a book of your very own. It is a truly wonderful process that has you making something great out of practically nothing but your own words and thoughts. The feeling of self-fulfillment is a truly pleasurable one. This is the same feeling that you get when you write a story and get applauded for it. This is the feeling of a job well done and the appreciation it gets from readers.

But aside from the adulation of readers, you are also fulfilling your own deep seated need to write. As a writer you are technically hardwired to write. So you are basically fulfilling your destiny as a writer.

  1. Meet new people

Writing a book allows you expand your list of friends and acquaintances. From your research work to your book signings later on you will definitely have the chance to meet and cultivate new relationships.  This will not only make the writing process more fulfilling, but it will also help keep you motivated to write. Knowing that a lot of people support and want you to succeed makes the writing process so much sweeter.

  1. A worthy challenge to face

Life without a challenge is a boring one. If you are one of the people who adheres to this you would most likely enjoy writing a book because it is one of the most difficult things you can ever do. Be it any type of book, from poetry books, children’s books to Christian books the book writing process is definitely a challenge. And being able to overcome this challenge will give you a sense of accomplishment that you have never had before. You should always remember this during the writing process.

  1. Legacy

This is by far one of the most important reasons you have to write a book. This is also the most potent form of motivation. Achieving literary success gives you the chance to leave a legacy behind. Being a successful author allows you to leave your mark on history the same way as great authors such as Alexandre Dumas, Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway did.  By achieving success as a writer you are given a chance to be remembered by generations to come.

Of course there are other reasons to write a book. It all really depends on you and what really drives you to write. Just be sure that these reasons are enough to keep you going. Because writing a book is not for the faint of heart and it takes a great deal of determination to succeed.


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