Things to Know before trying out for huge Publications!

9As a writer you will want your book to be as successful as possible. And nothing puts you on the road to success as fast as writing for a well-known publication. Well known publications are book publishers that have become the cornerstones for the literary community and are considered a sure-fire way to publishing success. Sadly though these publications are notoriously difficult to get into. Each publishing company has their stringent set of rules and qualifications. This is why it is no easy feat to get into the huge publications. Here are some things you should know about writing for established publishing houses.

  • It will be a struggle

Getting a contract with an established publishing company allows you to reach your full potential as a writer. But as it was stated earlier, established publishing companies have very stringent qualifications that make it a nightmare to get a publishing deal. Which is why you should steel yourself before you set out on your publishing journey. You should not expect too much, especially during the early stages of your application. Be prepared for rejection in the first stages and learn and grow from it. If you get rejected, don’t get discouraged and just press on forward. Think of this as a test of your commitment to writing.

  • Make a list of potential publishers

Before you send out your book proposals, you should make a list of potential publishers. You should make a point of enumerating what you want from a publisher and what you expect from them. This way you can narrow down the publishers that you want to apply for, and at the same time you can save yourself from wasting time. This also depends on what genre you are writing in. Are you writing a children’s book? Christian book? Or poetry book? These factors have to be taken into consideration before you send out your book proposal.

  • Be prepared to revise your work… a lot

As it was stated earlier, you will be rejected a lot during the early stages of your application. This will mean that your book still lacks something. This will mean that you will be expected to revise your work a great deal. And if you are lucky enough to get accepted by a publishing house, you should expect the editor to ask you to revise your work. If they do ask you to revise your work do not get insulted. It does not mean that the editor does not like your book. It just means that they want to make your book even better.

  • Always be on you’re A game

When you send in your work to publishing houses you should always send in your best work. You will only do a disservice to yourself and to the publishing house if you send in substandard work. So before you send in your work, always make sure that you edit and correct your work as much as possible. That way you can be confident in your work’s quality.

  • Build relationships with potential publishers

Publishing houses are not made up of soulless entities. They are usually made up of people. This is why you should do your best to make a rapport with your potential publishers. Long before you send in your applications, you should already establish a rapport with the editors of your perspective publications. That way you can have a foundation point to promote your book to the publishing houses of your choice.

  • Make everything count

When you are sending in book proposals to highly established book publishers you should makes sure that you never take anything for granted. Make sure that your book is well presented and that it is free of errors. If you get rejected, take their rejection as a way to grow as an author. Use it as a way to make your book even better and send in the revised version once more.

And if it does get accepted make sure that you make it count. Don’t take anything for granted. Do everything that your editor tells you. Adhere to the deadlines. Work harder than you have ever worked before. Being selected by an established book publisher is a great opportunity and should be savored and taken advantage of.


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