How to Behave in Social media from a Writer’s Perspective!

2Using social media as a writer is like a double edged sword. On one hand you are given an incredible gift with social media. This is because you are given the chance to spread word of your book through a myriad of ways. On the other hand social media can also derail your progress as a writer, with just a careless remark or a bad post you can alienate your fan base and send your writing career into a standstill. This is why you should know how to properly behave in social media. You should know what to do and not to do. Here are some great tips on how to behave in social media as a writer.

  • Refrain from posting offensive pictures and articles

As a writer you can truly use social media to spread word of your book. This is especially true if you create an author blog site that will reach out to your potential readers. But you should be careful of what you post in social media. Refrain using offensive imagery in your blog. You should also refrain from writing offensive articles that will alienate your fan base. Just to be safe it would be best not to make any comments on touchy social issues because they breed nothing but conflict.

  • Avoid getting into a social media altercation

Social media is one of the most potent media forms in this day and age. And because of this a majority of people tune in to social media to voice out their own opinions. And sometimes some social media users can get a bit too vocal and argumentative. And there may come a time when your own opinion clashes with theirs and they may try to argue with you online. Word of advice, avoid this kind of confrontation. It is technically a useless exercise and no one will gain anything from this. And seeing as that you are a writer, it may damage your reputation with your fan base if you take part in such a petty and useless discussion.


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