Generic Self-Publishing Advice for Non-Fiction Authors!

5Years ago, the concept of self-publishing was considered impossible to pull off. Those were the days when traditional publishers held sway over the book publishing landscape. Back then traditional publishers were the only way you can get your book printed and sold. But in this day and age self-publishing is quite a viable and even preferable option for writers. This is because self-publishing offers you a greater degree of freedom during the publishing process. Whereas with traditional publishing you will have to give up a majority of your rights to your book, this would include creative freedom over your book.

With self-publishing you are given the freedom to choose how you want to publish and sell your book. This is especially true if you are writing a non-fiction book. This is because non-fiction books demands a more specific scheduling to effectively sell. With self-publishing you have the luxury to truly plan out when and how your book will released. There is also the fact that non-fiction books are prone to changes due to mistakes in facts and references, so having more freedom to make changes and revisions comes in very handy. So if you want to publish a non-fiction book, self-publishing is the way to go. Here are some generic self-publishing tips for non-fiction authors.

  • Check out the competition

Before you release or even write your book, you should check out the current market. Are there any books that have similarities to yours? Are these books tackling the same topics as your book? What are the main concepts of these books? But even if there are this should not deter you from writing and releasing your book. Checking out the competition just gives you a heads up on what their main concepts are and how their books are designed and marketed. Having this advance knowledge allows you to make certain changes that will make your book more unique and better than the existing competition.

  • Do very thorough research

Seeing as you are writing a non-fiction book, being thorough with your research work is very important. Many a reader has been turned off by bad research work. So before you even set out to write your book, you should already have the facts and references in place. This will allow you to incorporate the information seamlessly with your work. It is also very important that your sources are trustworthy.

  • Create a reputation for yourself

Being a self-published author you would lack the book marketing advantages that traditionally published authors have. Which is why you should develop a reputation for yourself as a writer long before releasing your book. There are many ways you can develop a reputation as a writer. You can create a blog site dedicated to your chosen genre. Through this blog site you can posts great content related to your genre. You can also supply related websites and publications with articles. That way, you will already have an existing fan base long before you release your book.

  • Be thorough during the editing process

Being a self-published author takes a great deal of work. This is because you are expected to do most of the work yourself. Which is why you have to be very thorough during the editing process. It is highly advisable that you double check your work between paragraphs. This will allow you to check if your sentence composition is well ordered. If you can afford it, you can also hire a professional to edit your work. This will allow you to have more confidence in your final copies and focus on other aspects of your book.

It is also advisable that you print multiple copies of your manuscript. This will make the editing process so much easier through various stages of the editing process. Just make sure that you implement the changes after every round of editing.

  • Have a marketing plan ready

Self-publishing is understood to be a work intensive process. And this not only includes the book publishing process, but the marketing aspect as well. Before you even start writing your book, you should already have a marketing plan in place. Once you release a book the work already starts, and you will need to make an impact with readers as soon as possible. So your marketing plan should be executed flawlessly. When will you release your book? Are you going to sell it through book stores or online retail? How are you going to promote it? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered if you are going to succeed as a self-published author.

  • Release your book

A book release is very important. In many ways this is the culmination of all your work. And a book release can make or break your book. It is important that your book has a good foundation point for its release. There should be hype to create anticipation for your book. You should also have an existing fan base that will boost reception for your book. They will also help in spreading news of your book and its merits. As for your book release itself, it is a good idea to pair it with an event such as a book signing. An event creates a sense of importance and anticipation for your book. It will also allow you to meet with your fan base and create a rapport with them.

When it comes to publishing your very own book, it is always important to be patient with the process. No author achieved success without hard work and patience. And it does not matter whether you are writing a poetry book or a children’s book. It always takes some time before your book makes an impact with readers. So remember, patience is key.


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