Paths to a Lifetime of Success for Authors!

5Being a writer can sometimes be a gamble. This is because there is really no certainty that you will succeed as a writer. And even if you do, there is still the upward climb of maintaining your success. This takes talent and a whole lot of hard work to pull off. This is because you might get the spotlight on your book if you work hard enough, but the sign of a true legacy as a writer is the ability to make a lifelong impact on literary history. To be counted amongst the greats and be said in the same sentence as them. But as it was stated earlier this takes a combination of talent and hard work in order to achieve this lofty goal. This is why you should have a plan on how to achieve this goal. Here are some great tips on how to have lifetime success as an author.

  • Be an avid reader

This is the foundation point of your journey as a writer. The love of reading should be instilled in you long before you try writing. This is because reading gives you the chance to observe the writing styles of the literary greats. Picking up on their styles enables you to incorporate them into your own work. This of course does not mean that you copy their styles. Think of them as influences to your own writing style. Being an avid reader allows you to develop a higher standard for what counts as good literature. It allows you to critique your work and push yourself as a writer. Reading a great deal helps you to open new avenues in your imagination and create great works of your own. It is also advisable that you don’t limit yourself to reading just one genre. The more types of books you read the more well-rounded you will be as a writer.

  • Practice your craft rigorously

If you want to be a truly great writer, it is already understood that you should practice, practice and practice some more. The same way an Olympic athlete trains for his time in the spotlight, so should you train your skills in preperations for your debut as a full-fledged author. It is also advisable that you practice writing on a daily basis. That way you will be able to create and maintain a writing-style of your very own.

  • Create a solid fan base

Before you even think of releasing a book, you should think of creating a fan base that will receive it. This is why long before you release a book, you should already start on making a reputation for yourself as a great writer. There are many avenues where you can expand your influence as a writer.

One way is to create a blog site for yourself. Blogging is now one of the most potent forms of media. And this can be used as a way to cement your identity as a writer to your potential fan base. From your blog site you can post content specially made to catch their attention. This could come in the form of short stories or fan fiction. This of course depends on your chosen genre. All in all your main intent is to get their attention and keep it. Which is why it is important that you create good content and consistently create more. That way your fan base will stay tuned to your work and look forward to the day that you will release a book. For example, if you are a poet you can post examples of your work through your blog. That way your fan base can keep tabs on your progress and inevitably request you to create a poetry book of your very own. The same could be said for any type of book, be it a children’s book or religious book. What is important is that you garner enough people to follow your journey as a writer.

  • Be consistent in the quality of your work

Once you release your book, there is a good possibility that your book reaches a certain level of success. And once it does there are two ways that an author usually reacts. One is to strike while the iron is hot, and create work that is as good as or even better than its predecessor. The other is to rest on your laurels. If you want to reach your goal of being a great author you will take the first choice. Readers are notoriously picky and you might lose their interest if the quality of your work slackens. Every time you write a book always be consistent in the quality. Never reuse old tropes and always strive to be make even better work.

All in all if you want to leave your mark on literary history it is important that you strive to evolve as a writer. Complacency is the great enemy of art. So always do your best to transcend to the next level in your journey as a writer.


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