6 Great ways to keep your Reader’s attentions for good

4As a writer you would know how difficult it is to get your reader’s attentions. Readers can be fickle creatures. They can appear quite interested in your work at first, but as they continue to read your work they may lose interest and stop reading. This is a distressing thought for most writers and this is a scenario that you should try to avoid as much as possible. This is why you should do your very best to get and keep your readers attentions. Here are 6 great ways to keep your reader’s attentions for good.

  • Know your Target audience

Knowing your target audience is extremely important if you want to keep your reader’s attentions. Think of yourself as a coach scouting an opposing team. You should know who your target audience is. You should also know how to effectively get their attentions. For example, you are writing a science fiction novel. Seeing as that science fiction fans are very passionate about the genre and are very outspoken. You should do your research beforehand. Read up on the trending stories now. Take cues on why these stories are popular and incorporate them into your style. Of course you should never outright copy them. But you should at least know why these stories were successful and try to learn from them.

  • Test the waters

Like anything that is worthy of your time you should take the time to test things out. Don’t just write haphazardly and think that it is the best you can do. You should test the waters first. Once you start writing your book you should ask fellow writers for help. Send them tidbits of your work and ask for their comments and suggestions on it. If you can contact already established authors of your genre even better. Just remember that you take the criticism constructively. This is a great way for you to know if your work is good and grow as a writer in the process.

  • Keep up with popular culture

Keeping up with popular culture is very important because it will help you to stay relevant with your target audience. Popular culture helps you to know what is relevant nowadays, you can also know the current jokes and trending personalities of the day. And if you are able to incorporate this into your work you will be surprised at how responsive readers will be to your work.

  • Do your research thoroughly

There is nothing more annoying to a reader than faulty research work. Whether you write a story or a whole book, it is important that you conduct proper research for your book.  Readers are notoriously picky when it comes to research work, because they equate good research work with professionalism. So if you want to impress and keep your readership in the future always take the time to proofread your facts and references. It is also important that you use trusted sources for your research work.

  • Proofread your work constantly

Aside from good research work it is important that you proofread your work as much as possible. As it was stated earlier, readers are very picky and bad grammar or clumsy sentence compositions may come back to haunt you in the long run. There have been many a reader that has stopped reading a book because the grammar was bad or the sentences were just too clunky. So as a writer you should never take chances. Always take the time to proofread your work and implement changes as soon as possible. This advice counts for every type of book whether it is a children’s book or a poetry book. It is also always a good idea to keep your sentences short and concise.

  • Make your work as unique as possible

With the huge number of new books coming out every day, being a writer can be a very competitive profession. This is why you should always strive to create great and unique content. You can have the best book promotion in the world. You can have the best advisors in the world. But if your book is boring and lacks originality then all your effort would all be for naught. Of course it is no easy feat to create unique content. There are many factors such as originality, consistency and attention to detail. This is why you should practice consistently in your writing and look for the right inspiration for your book. Many authors have attributed their success to hard work and determination, so take a leaf from their book and do the same.


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