Here’s how Best Sellers lists actually work and why you should avoid them!!!

3Best Sellers lists are like the Holy Grail for some authors. For these authors the Best sellers list is the answer to all their book marketing problems. In their minds the best sellers list is capable of giving their work the credibility it needs to get to the next level. And in many ways some best sellers list actually do help authors sell their books. But those list are only a select few, and not all best sellers are accurate or trustworthy. But first let’s answer the question.

How do Best Sellers Lists actually work?

When it comes to best sellers list there is really no uniform way on how they tabulate which book sells the most. This is because each book sellers lists has different way of tabulating the number of books sold. Some best sellers list such as The New York Times get their list from a certain number of bookstores and online retailers. All in all though a great number of book sellers list do not have an efficient way to measure which books are really selling well.

With this in mind, here’s a list of why you should avoid best sellers lists

  • The statistics are untrustworthy

Some best sellers list get their statistics from a limited number of sales in a few  designated places. With this in mind there is really no guarantee that best sellers list are accurate or give indication that some books are really selling well.  The lack in uniformity gives a lot of so called best sellers lists the luxury of creating their own list without the statistics to back them up.

  • They are not as effective as you think

One of the main reasons why authors want to get into best sellers lists is the fact that they are believed to be great for book marketing. Sadly though not all best sellers list are a capable of giving your book the publicity it needs. Not all readers are so easily swayed by the best sellers label anymore and the large number of ineffectual best sellers list out there makes it hard for you to convince potential readers that your book is worth reading.

  • It’s more of a popularity contest

As it was said earlier best sellers lists can be untrustworthy in how they choose the top books in their list. Some could claim that a certain children’s book has sold the most copies in a month. But in truth the information for this claim is untrustworthy and may come from a small select group of people who make up their own best sellers list. Without any form of statistic or facts backing them up. In many ways a great number of Book Sellers lists nowadays have ultimately become nothing more than a popularity contests.

  • They make you focus on the wrong things

When it comes to marketing a book an author must have total focus and be on the right track from the start. Because if not there is a chance that the author would be set on a wild goose chase. The author would then be forced to devote precious time and resources to an uncertain and fruitless endeavor. This is especially true when an author goes after a place in a best sellers list. Some authors even go so far as to buy their way into the lists costing them a great deal of money and time. And ultimately there is no guarantee that your book marketing would improve.

All in all when it comes to book publishing and marketing there is really no replacing good planning and hard work. And most important of all the quality of your work. No amount of marketing can help you if your writing is sub-par, so make sure that your writing is of the best quality possible.


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