Great ways to capture and keep your reader’s interest!

2Writing is one of the most fickle of art forms. You can create a great book and attract the attentions of a lot of readers.  But it is a well-known fact in writing, that you need to keep your readers interested or they will eventually lose interest and look for something else worthy of their attention. This is why you should have a fool proof method in getting your reader’s attentions and more importantly keep it. Here are some great and easy to follow tips on how to capture and keep your reader’s interest.

  • Know your target audience

Knowing your target audience is highly important in getting your readers interested in your work. The same way a general scouts out the terrain before a battle, so should a writer know the best audience to cater to. If you are interested in writing a children’s book then it is important that you target their parent’s because they will be the ones buying the book. If you are writing a poetry book on romance then you should target people who are interested in poetry and have a romantic disposition. Knowing these minute details allows you to meet your reader’s needs and continue supplying them in the future.

  • Make your work detailed

There is nothing that a reader hates more than sloppy work that lacks detail. This is because details are the spice of your writing. If you write a story, how do you phrase it? Do you use a lot of descriptive words? Dou you describe a scenery? A character? Or do you just dish out one boring sentence after another? Remember that your audience is quite observant and they notice these details quite easily. So from now on, add as much detail in your work as possible. Your readers will thank you for it.

  • Use current events

If you want to make your writing more relevant, it is highly advisable that you incorporate current events and news into your writing. This is because when the reader reads your work and notices that it is always on point when it comes to current events then the reader will equate your work to be of good quality.

  • Write useful content

Whether you are writing a story or a whole book, it is important that your work is useful. Readers inherently want to read something that they could use in day to day life. So whether you write a self-help book or a novel. it is important that your readers get something out of it. This could be greater knowledge or just a moral story. What’s important is that your readers are able to gain something worthwhile from your book.

  • Do through research

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a writer is to be lax in your research work. As stated earlier readers are very picky about what they read. And there are a lot of factors that could turn them off from a book. Inadequate research or facts tends to annoy readers and give a book and it’s author a bad reputation. So whenever you write an article or a book always do proper research work.

  • Strive to write great content

The most important thing that makes a reader into a true fan is the quality of your work. You can market your book non-stop and have the best book cover designers do your book’s cover. But if your content is sub-par you will have a hard time getting a stable fan base. This is why you should strive to create the best content possible.

This is easier said than done because there really is no guarantee that your work will be received favorably by readers. But it is important that you always put in the effort every time you write. Remember that no great endeavor is ever achieved without hard work.


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