Increase your Blog Readability with these 7 Great Tips!

1As a writer you owe it to yourself to be as up to date with the times as possible. And nothing shows that you are a modern writer than having a blog of your very own. Blogging has become one of the most influential forms of media in the past few years. Now bloggers are being used by large companies to draw attention to their products. In a way blogs are the most potent way to sell a product in this day and age. Which is why, as a writer you owe it to yourself to know how to increase your readability. Here are some great tips on how to increase your readability.

  • Write in short and concise sentences

One of the best ways to increase your blog’s readability is to shorten your sentence composition. A common pet peeve for readers is that some bloggers write overly long sentences. That the sentences contain mostly filler words and not enough content. So when you are writing your blog or writing a story for your blog. Always remember to make your sentences as short and concise as possible.  That way your sentence composition will be so much easier to understand.

  • Refrain from using obscure jargon

Although there is nothing wrong with using jargon in your writing. It can make your blogging somewhat complicated. This is because jargon can alienate some of your readers. Which is why you should refrain from using too much obscure jargon in your blog posts. The only time you should use jargon is if your blog is designed to attract a certain kind of audience.  For example, if you are writing a science fiction blog then using jargon would be ok. This is because the people who visit these sites are acquainted with the subject. But if you are writing a more multi-faceted blog, it is better to stick to more relatable words.

  • Use attractive images

Writing a blog can be very similar to writing a book. You have to cover all the bases in order to sell your writing, In the case of blogging the use of attractive images is a must. The most important thing to remember when you use images is that the images should match your blog’s overall image. It would be weird if you posted a picture of an alien in a travel blog.

  • Make your blog visually attractive

Aside from using attractive images it is also important that your blog site is as visually attractive as possible. There are many blog sites out there that have great content, but because of bad blog design few people bother to check it out any further. So when you create a blog site always remember to make it as visually attractive as possible. When making your blog-site always remember to have a minimalistic approach to your blog site. It is also a good idea to use mild or neutral colors in your blog site.

  • Do thorough research

Whether you are writing a novel or writing an article for your blog, you owe it to your readers to give them well researched work. This is why you should be as thorough as possible when you do research. Try various sources and verify your sources. Create a list of your references and mention them throughout your article. That way your readers will know that your articles are legitimate.

  • Increase your blog’s discoverability

Discoverability is very important when it comes to blogging. Online Discoverability is a blog site’s ability to be found by prospective viewers. So the more discoverable your blog site the more chances it can garner new readers. And the more readers the larger your future fan base will be.

  • Make great content

When it comes to making your readers true fans of your blog, nothing is more important than creating great content. This is why you should do your utmost best to create captivating articles that will keep your readers coming back for more. A lot of bloggers make the mistake of making a good number of articles and yet none of these articles are any good. So when you make an article always remember quality over quantity. It is better to write one superbly written article than a thousand bad ones.


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