7 Great Tricks in Writing Professionally!


Writing is a part of our day to day lives, that much is true. Whether you are writing a book or just sending an email to your boss, you are still writing. So it stands to reason that your writing skills should be more polished. Having good writing skills can help you in your day to day life and even help you grow in your career. But writing, like any other art form cannot be learned overnight. To be able to write professionally you need to practice and have a more disciplined mindset. Here are some great book writing tips to write as professionally as possible.

  • Master the basics

The same way a basketball player must master the basic fundamentals of dribbling and shooting the ball, you as a writer should master the basics of writing. You might think that you are already a good enough writer, but you may be surprised at how many grammatical errors you can commit. It is always a good idea to brush up on your writing skills. Make sure that your sentence compositions are on point. Take the time to read your work and look for any grammatical errors or awkward sentence compositions. It might seem tedious at first but it will all be worth it in the end.

  • Take your time with the writing process

The writing process should never be rushed. This goes for all writers. Whether you are writing a novel or writing a memo for the office, it always pays to be know how to write professionally. Take your time with every sentence and double check your work every few paragraphs. As work intensive this may seem, this will save you the trouble of having to make costly corrections on your book or having to send out a follow up email because you did not write your email well enough.

  • Consistency is key

Being consistent in your writing style is a must for any author. You should understand that your readers know the difference between sloppy and good writing. Being consistent entails you to follow a recognized writing format and sticking to it. If your type of writing is more on the descriptive side, then stick with it. Be descriptive throughout the whole writing process.  If you are more on the informative writing side, be sure to write as informatively as possible. If you want to be a more professional writer you should consistently use the same writing style throughout the writing process until it has become a habit.

  • Use a lot of references

One of the best ways to truly convince your audience is to provide great references in your writing. This is especially important when you are writing a book. If you are writing a book on History you should do your very best to find the right facts and be able to back them up. There is nothing that turns a reader off more than untrustworthy facts.

  • Use examples

Giving examples allows you to paint a picture of what you are writing about. Examples will help your readers visualize what you are writing about. Just be sure that the examples don’t take too long to read. Examples that take too long to read tend to take over the entire narrative and distracts the reader. So if you use examples, be careful and make it as short and concise as ever.

  • Systematize your writing

Systematizing your writing process will really help you to communicate better with your readers. So when you write you should make sure that there is a structure to it already. Don’t just write out of the blue. If you are writing a book, do your research first and take a systematized approach to it. Having a systematized outlook on writing allows you to get to the gist of the subject.

  • Write in short and concise sentences

One common mistake that writers commit is writing overly long sentences. Overly long sentences can make your sentence construction sound awkward and unwieldy. This is why you should write in short and concise sentences. This helps make your writing more readable and better sounding.

All in all being a truly professional writer can be a difficult process, but once you have fully implemented these tips and practiced them till they have become a habit, you will be surprised at how much better your writing becomes.


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