Great Ways to Keep Your Online Audience Reading

17In this day and age the road to being an effective writer is a more complex one. Back then being a writer only entailed writing a book that will get your readers attentions. Nowadays though the writing game is changing and in order to be relevant as a writer you have to have a great online presence. Having a great online presence allows you to show potential readers your work and show your writing skills in the process. You can also influence your readership through your online presence. Here are some great ways to keep your online audience reading.

  • Create great content

Although this may seem obvious some writers are not really following this advice. Some writers seem content to make articles that do not really impact their readers or give out the impression that they are not really trying in their writing endeavors. You should always remember that whenever you write, your main objective is to always get and keep your readers attention.

Some writers write just to provide content to their blogs or to increase their online presence. Although a good online presence is important you have to think about your online audience. You should understand that one bad content could lower your reputation as a writer and that your audience deserves your best work. So next time you create an article for your blog or a magazine content do your best to write as efficiently and eligibly as possible. Also makes sure that your research work is trustworthy and that it can hold your reader’s attention.

  • Make your work visually attractive

Aside from good content and effective SEO management one of the best ways to make your book more discoverable is to make your webpage as attractive as possible. The same way that an attractive book cover gets a reader’s attention, the same way your webpage should be able to attract potential readers.  Avoid cluttering your webpage with unnecessary accessories that will ultimately make your webpage look cheap and amateurish.

Stay with a minimalistic look that shows the true essence of your content. Stick to neutral colors like white and grey because they give out a sense of cleanliness and freshness. Just remember that when it comes to keeping your audience interested in your work, the minutest details count.

  • Writing clarity is key

When you are writing it is important that your writing is as clear as possible. Reading long sentences can get very tiring, which is why it is a good idea to write your sentences in short sentences. Use sub-headings to guide your reader through your article.

  • Make your writing as free-flowing as possible

Reading clunky and unstructured writing are a constant pet peeve for any reader. This is why you should do your utmost to make your writing free flow. In order to achieve this, you should make an overall sentence structure so that it sounds natural and to refrain from awkward pauses in your sentence construction. Having a good sentence composition allows you to cover all the points and come to a conclusion in a harmonious and efficient manner. It also allows you to summarize your key points without unnecessary stress or confusion for the reader.

  • Communicate effectively with your readers

Whether you are writing a novel or writing an article it is very important that you know how to effectively communicate with your readers. When writing your articles you should make sure that you address your readers with respect and get their attention. Writing is inherently about communicating with your readers. So it is important to write in a friendly manner and never speak in a patronizing tone.

It is also important that you know your target market. If you are writing a book on baking or on any topic you should know the jargon so that you can communicate better with your target market.


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