Popular Writing Advice You Should Ignore!

103Writing is a multifaceted art form that can be used for a myriad of things. It can be used for advertising or when you are writing a book. It can also be a difficult process and because of this a huge number of writing advice keeps popping up all over the internet. Sadly though there is no guarantee that this advice is effective. Which is why you should be very careful which writing tips you should follow and which ones you should ignore. Here are a list of popular writing advice that you should ignore.

  • Write a lot!

One of the most frequent writing tips that you get from the internet is to write every day. Although this can come in handy, you do not have to write every single day. Writing every day can be difficult because it can get tiring in the long run.  True, some famous writers like Haruki Murakami adhere to this advice, but you have to understand that unless you are a full time writer, this can be a difficult prospect for part time writers.

If you want to make this advice work for you, it is important that you take an honest and in-depth look into your writing. Brush up on your writing style. Identify what your weakness is and improve it. You should also make a schedule for yourself, that way you do not have to spend every day writing. You can also use other forms of media to practice your writing. You can do this by creating a blog for yourself and creating content for it. That way you can kill two birds with one stone. By doing this you can practice your writing and increase your online presence as an author.

  • Write for yourself

This advice entails you as the author to write just for yourself, and although this may seem like good advice now, it can be detrimental to you as a writer. This is especially true if you are writing a novel.  As tempting as it may be to write specifically just for yourself and not really care whether your book is professionally written, you have to understand that in order to sell your book well, you have to make an effort to entice readers to read your book. That’s why it pays to have a good editor on hand. If you are writing a book, it is important that you have your manuscript edited thoroughly. That way, you can save yourself from expensive editing work later on in the publishing process.

  • Write like you talk

This advice is very tempting to follow. This is because every writer wants to make their writing as fluid and effortless as possible. But the setback of this advice is that most people do not talk in a manner that merits being put in a book. Most people tend to use fillers or misuse words when they talk. This is why you should be more careful when you write. Take care that you arrange your sentences properly and use the right words. Remember that good prose is one of the best ways to attract readers.

  • Absolute Solitude is a necessity for good writing

It has always been advised that when you are writing a book, you should write in solitude in order to write effectively. This may have worked years ago, when the world was less complicated and there were not that many distractions. But nowadays very few people have the luxury to take time off from society and go into the woods to write. So if you want to write effectively in this day and age you should learn to adapt to the chaos of modern day life.

  • Writer’s block is a myth

Some writers believe that writer’s block is a myth and that it is nothing more than anxiety or just nerves. But this can be very doubtful because a good number of writers have attributed their lack of productivity to writer’s block. Which is why you should take writer’s block very seriously. You should always have a positive outlook when you write and stay active during the entire writing process. That way you can have a bulwark against the many writing pitfalls that lead to writer’s block.


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