How to Stay Inspired while Writing a Book! 7 Great tips on how to do it!

91 (2)Being a writer can be a truly arduous journey. This is because a writer has to be multi-faceted in his or her approach to writing. Not only is the writer expected to come up with compelling and unique content, but the writer also has to be consistent in finding the inspiration to write. This is especially important if you are thinking of writing a book. The book writing process takes a great deal of time and work. So it is imperative that your drive to write is strong and that you will stay inspired throughout the entire book writing process.

  • Be a wide reader

One great way to stay inspired is to be a wide reader. You should try to be as multifaceted a reader as possible. Never limit yourself to just one category or genre. You can specialize in fantasy or mystery books, but try to read about philosophy, theology and economics. Being knowledgeable about a variety of topics helps you to add more content to your work and keep you busy during the writing process. It will also help to stave off writer’s block.

  • Make a book series

No matter how passionate you are about writing, there are always times when you feel bored with your work. You will sometimes get stumped and feel that there is no progress in your work. One way to avoid this is to make your book into a series. Writing a book series is so much different to writing a stand-alone book. Making a book series allows you to create a larger cast of characters. It is also a far more entertaining to write because it allows you to grow as a writer and add side stories to the book.

A great example of this is the Lord of the Rings book series. J.R.R Tolkien first created the Hobbit novel which was good enough as a stand-alone novel. It started out as a story for his children. But because it was so enjoyable to write and increasingly popular, Tolkien made three more books and created the high fantasy genre.

  • Find inspiration in day to day life

The easiest way to find inspiration to write is to find it in day to day life. It is so easy to get distracted by the daily rigors of life and this can slowly diminish your passion for writing. So try to simplify your life. Take things easy and enjoy every aspect of your life. Appreciate the small things in life. Enjoy every aspect of your life. You will be surprised at how you will enjoy the writing process.

  • Stay up to date on popular culture

Being up to date on popular culture helps to make your writing more relevant. It also gives you more opportunities to gain inspiration from popular culture. When you are writing a novel try to take the time to read articles on various subjects. This will help you to gain a whole new perspective on the writing process.

  • Change your daily routine

Although it is a good idea to have a daily writing routine, it can also impede the writing process in the long run. This is because you can get into a slump and get bored with the writing process. So it is a great idea to change your daily routine. You don’t really need to make a full on change. Juts change your routine. Go for a jog, take the bus to the grocery instead of the car, and meet new people. You will be surprised at how a change of routine will help you stay inspired during the writing process.

  • Meet new people

Human beings are social animals, and we grow the more we meet new people. Having conversations with someone new allows you to gain new ideas and form new opinions. There are so many interesting people out there. Who knows? Maybe one great conversation can give you a once in a life time idea for your book.

  • Do not restrict yourself

You should never confine your writing to your study. You never know when inspiration will come. So you should always have a notebook with you. So that when inspiration strikes you will be able to write it down. And it is also very useful to change your routine and get out of the study. Take a walk, go to the beach, anywhere that is inspiring for you.


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