Your Book’s Success Depends on you! Here’s how to Step up your Book Marketing!


One of the most common challenges faced by most self-publishing writers is the inability to effectively conduct a book promotion campaign. This could be due to a number of reasons. It could be due to a lack support and the prospect of doing it without proper advice can be very intimidating. It could also be due to a lack of funding. This is because book promotion takes a good amount of money to conduct a book promotion and not everyone has the funds to finance it. But as difficult as book promotion can be, it is still one of the most important parts of selling your book. Without proper book promotion, your book will have very little chance of competing in the book market. Here are some great ways to step up your book marketing.

  • Conduct your book promotion as early as possible

When it comes to effective book promotion it is very important that your book promotion is as efficient much as possible. And having a good head start is important. Even when you are still writing a book, you should already be conducting your book promotion. You can promote your book months before its scheduled release. You can promote your book by advertising your book through social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Through Facebook you can spread word of your book without having to spend a penny while in Instagram you can posts pictures of your book as teasers for your potential readers. Remember that when it comes to book promotion, visibility is very important. Thus try to get your book as much publicity as possible.

  • Create a blog site

Blogging is one of the most potent forms of advertising in this day and age. This is because blogging is very popular in today’s internet savvy world. And well-known companies throughout the world have been known to finance famous bloggers to advertise their products. Blogging has become big business in the past few years, and has helped redefine how marketing is truly conducted. Which is why you should also take advantage of the blogging trend and create your own blog site. As a self-published writer, blogging is technically the perfect platform for you to advertise your book. You can use your self-published status to give you a more alternative feel and at the same time allow you to reach out to potential readers. You can even make your blog site your advertising platform. From there you can cultivate a fan base for yourself.

  • Make a reputation for yourself

One of the best ways to make your book more attractive to prospective fans is to have a good reputation as a writer. And in truth you do not need to publish a book in order to be considered a well-known author. All you need is the reputation of being an excellent writer. This can be achieved by writing articles in various writing formats. You can write for related sites or novellas. You can also create poetry and posts it through the internet. Always remember that you cannot achieve a good reputation without hard work. But once you gain a great reputation as a writer selling your book will be very easy.

  • Have a systematized outlook on book promotion

When it comes to book promotion it is very important that you remain systematized and ordered.  The book promotion process is chaotic at best thus you should make it as ordered as possible. Before you start on the book promotion process you should make sure that you know your target audience. Knowing your target audience would help you narrow down the number of people you need to impress.

  • Use Social Media extensively

As it was stated earlier, the world today is a truly internet savvy one. And because of this social media is one of the most potent advertising methods out there. Using Social Media will truly increase your chances of getting your book the publicity it needs.

There are a great number of ways that you can use Social Media to promote your book. The most economical way would be to promote your book through your Facebook account.  Ask your Facebook friends to spread news of your book through their own accounts, you will be surprised at how many people your book can reach.

You can also posts marketing services through your blog site and even sell your book through there. Use Twitter to spread word of your book and keep your readers posted on your work. Remember that readers usually follow interesting authors. So try to make your Twitter and Instagram accounts as interesting as possible.

All in all being a self-published author is truly satisfying but time consuming experience. And although there is no guarantee that you will be successful in your first try, always remember that the more time you put into the book promotion process the more chances you will succeed.


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