Here’s some great rules to follow when writing a novel!

16Writing a novel is one of the most fulfilling things you can ever do as a writer. It is also one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do.   It will take a great deal of your time and effort to finish it. It will also take a lot of creativity and introspection to fully reach your book writing potential. Writing a book entails you to look deep within yourself as a writer and come up with something truly great. Here’s some book writing tips that you should follow if you want to effectively write a novel.

  • Find inspiration

Before you get started on writing your novel, you should find the inspiration to help you in your book writing journey. Remember that a book takes a long time to finish. It roughly takes 6 months to a year before you finish writing your manuscript. Which is why you should find the inspiration to write before you begin. The good thing though is the fact that you can find inspiration in practically anything. You can find inspiration in a loved one, or a beautiful sunset. Inspiration is easy enough to find. All you really need to do is really look for it. Being inspired is like having armor against the uncertainties of being a writer. It will be the bulwark against the realities of being a writer. Inspiration is the fuel for your writing and will definitely help you on the arduous path of being a writer.

  • Choose a genre you are passionate about

You should be very cautious on which genre you choose. This is because the genre you choose may be the genre you write in for the majority of your writing career. If you write a book about a genre and make an impression there you will be considered as an author who specializes in that specific genre. In choosing your genre you should go with one you are passionate about. If you like writing articles about history you should go with the historical fiction genre if you like fantasy novels, then high fantasy is a good choice. Just remember that your future as a writer can depend on what genre you write in.

  • Listen to music while you write

Writing takes a great deal of thought to consistently do. Which is why having a certain rhythm when you write can help make the writing process so much better. Listening to music while you write is one of the best ways to keep your writing rhythm going. It also helps with the time and can help you avoid getting writers block because your writing flow goes uninterrupted,  thus making it hard for you to second guess yourself during the writing process. As for songs, there are no specific songs to listen to. But the best suggestions would be classical music. Mozart, Beethoven and Back are great examples of classical music. Listening to classical music is proven to promote brain activity. Listening to great music will ultimately open doors to you as a writer. Just make sure that the music you listen to is not too loud or disruptive.

  • Use aspects of your life on your novel

One of the best ways to make your novel believable is adding aspects of your life into your novel. Great writers of the past have used aspects of their lives in their books. The great creator of the Lord of the Rings books, J.R.R Tolkien has used his experiences as a soldier in the First World War in his books. He used the memory of old comrades in the war to give his characters a more human persona. He also used the harsh realities of war to give his story a real world believability. So as you write your novel, always remember that the more relatable your characters and events the more readers it will attract.

  • Conduct proper research on your chosen topic

Before you even start writing your novel, you should conduct proper research on your chosen topic. Conducting proper research on your topic will allow you to write better and make your book more detailed with the facts you have researched.

  • Stay focused

As it was stated earlier writing can be very challenging. And throughout your writing journey you will be challenged and tempted to quit. But don’t let your fears stop you from achieving your dreams of being an author. Stay focused and do your very best. There is no guarantee that your book will succeed but remember that writing is not about making money. If you are a true writer the joy of writing a book is already enough. So just stay focused on your goal and do your best.


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