Book Cover Design Secrets on Getting Reader’s Attentions

6When it comes to self-publishing there are few things more important than the book cover. Although the content is also important because the contents will keep the reader interested in your work, but in order for you to have your book read, you first have to sell them. This is why book cover design should always be taken seriously. And throughout the years talented book designers have used a set of rules that have helped their books gain the attention and admiration of readers. Here are a set of rules that will help your book covers garner reader’s attentions.

  • Make the cover eye-catching

When you walk into a bookstore and take a look at the bookshelves what do you see first? Usually it is the book with the most striking cover. This is why you should always make the cover as eye-catching as possible. The more eye-catching the cover the easier it is to get the reader’s attention. The main trick to making the cover as eye-catching as possible is the use of contrast. Using contrast you can highlight the central or most important image while also tastefully creating a beautiful contrasting background that gives it a striking effect.

  • Make the cover more spacious

One of the biggest mistakes made by most designer when creating the design cover is that they tend to make it too cluttered with unnecessary images that destroys the overall book layout. It is also very important that your book title be evenly spaced.

  • Give the cover a theme

No one wants to look at something boring. When you make a book cover always remember to give your book cover a theme. One tip in giving your book a theme is that you should use images that appeal to the brain when it comes to fiction and images that appeal to the heart when it comes to non-fiction. When you make a theme for non-fiction you should adopt a central gimmick and a solid background or gradient. In the case of fiction you should use a variety of colors that will make your book cover pop. The book covers should be easy on the eyes and inspire emotion in the reader. Focus on colors, abstract symbols, representations. Focus on strong contrast and mood.

  • Use the right font

One of the most important things that a book designer should know when making a book cover design is to know what font to use. When choosing a font try to use a truly unique font. Do not use fronts that are installed on your computer.  You can make your font unique by hiring a designer to tweak it or if you want to truly get readers attentions, have your font costume made.

  • Give the cover a more personal touch

It is a good idea to put in a person on the cover. This adds intrigue and interest to the book.  Super close up of faces can be really powerful too, but if you find them on a stock photography site, there’s a good chance it will be used on another cover. (The better the picture, the more covers it will show up on). You can avoid this by getting a friend to pose or hiring a model for a quick photo-shoot.

  • Use sub-titles, teaser and reviews

One of the best ways to entice readers into buying your book is to use subtitles, teasers and reviews. The use of these tools will help entice readers by providing bits of information that will excite interest without giving away too much. Using just the extra bit of small text makes the covers look more professional. Reviews are also very useful in getting attention for your book because a good word from a critic will give it much needed support.

All in all your main intent in book cover design is to capture reader’s attention with a combination of artistry and cleverness.


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