Book promotion can be a pain for most writers. This is because it takes a great deal of time and money and there is no guarantee whether you will succeed in your book promotion. There is also the fact that … Read More

Distractions are a Writing Hazard! Here’s how to Get Rid of them!


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When you are writing a book one of the most prevalent problems is the Read More

Your Book doesn’t have to be Too Long to be Interesting: Ways to Compress your Manuscript!


One of the biggest misconception that people have on writing a book is that it has to be a long one. This is usually due to the fact that classic books were very long. And this caused many people to … Read More

Self-Publishing your very own Novel: Here’s how you do it!



Writing a novel is a very immersive and enriching undertaking. It is also one of the most stressful and costly projects you will ever undertake. This is made even more evident if you are a self-published author. If you are … Read More